Worried Ian has an idea that Bobby might have gone to the common so the family split up to try and find him. Meanwhile, Bobby enters the police station and waits in line to see Keeble. Phil’s surprised to see him; shocked to discover Bobby has Lucy’s belongings, he ushers him out of the station. Meanwhile, Cindy searches Turpin Road for Bobby, clocked by Denise. At the Beales’, Phil angrily berates Jane for keeping Lucy’s things and thinks Bobby was trying to deliberately incriminate Ben. Bobby bursts into the room brandishing Ian’s golf club, warning Phil to leave his mum alone. Ian enters and quickly grabs the club from Bobby. In the café, Denise gossips to Tina it’s not surprising Bobby’s run away living with Ian, insisting he has a nasty streak.

At the Beales, Ian apologises for Bobby’s behaviour and Phil scoffs - Bobby wouldn’t hurt anyone. Phil drags Ian to the café and clears Denise and Tina out so they can talk alone. Phil places Lucy’s things on the table and asks what Bobby was doing at the police station. Ian insists he’s on Phil’s side and Bobby didn’t know what he was doing. Phil worries that Jane might have been trying to protect Ben and fears that he did kill Lucy. Ian reveals he knows Ben mugged Lucy. Phil becomes more convinced that his son is guilty, and thinks Ben reminds him of his father. Phil recalls his dad once broke his cheek bone during a vicious beating; he swore he’d never hit Ben but is ashamed to admit he did when he found Ben burning his sister Louise with a hot spoon. Distraught, Phil insists he loves Ben but doesn’t trust him.

Ritchie phones to report Ben should be released soon and is holding up like a true Mitchell – Phil would be proud. Phil relays this information to Ian, who can’t help wondering how Ben would have turned out if Kathy hadn’t died. Phil’s uncomfortable as Ian presses perhaps Ben’s confused and insists that whatever he’s done, he’s still Phil’s son. Phil leaves with the purse and phone, warning Ian to sort Bobby out before he turns out like Ben. Ian is left stunned for a moment. Outside the café, Phil orders Jay to tell him everything that happened the night Lucy died. Jay swears that Ben didn’t kill Lucy but Phil isn’t convinced. Jay pales as Phil threatens he’ll be in even more trouble if the truth comes out. At the Beales’, there’s tension as Cindy wonders what Jane would have done if Bobby had handed in Lucy’s belongings. In the kitchen, Ian tells Jane about his conversation with Phil and suggests maybe the truth should come out. Jane shoots him down and is adamant that they protect Bobby’s future. Ian admits his concern about Bobby’s violent reaction earlier; he fears they’re responsible for making him this way and wants to know what’s going on in his head. They’re interrupted when Bobby enters the room. Meanwhile, Phil’s arrived at the police station and wants to see Marsden; holding Lucy’s purse and phone in hand, Phil asks to talk about Ben…

Outside the police station, Abi gets cold feet about going inside and Max drives her home. Keeble talks to Marsden, insistent they can’t ignore that a witness has identified Max - her obsession with Phil Mitchell is clouding her judgement. Marsden finally decides to listen to her. Ben is frustrated waiting in his cell when his interview is postponed. When there’s no sign of Max outside, Marsden snaps at Keeble to take a statement from Kelmendi. Bryant calls to report they’ve found nothing while searching the Mitchells’ house. Keeble informs him the taxi driver has identified Max with Lucy on the night of her murder. Bryant eyes Max gleefully as his car pulls up on the Square. Keeble goes through the old case files and finds Max’s original statement. Later, Marsden and Bryant share a laugh as Marsden reveals Ritchie worked as a stripper to pay for Law school. Marsden’s called to the front desk to find Phil waiting…

Jay and Lola stumble into the Arches, kissing passionately. They stifle giggles when Cindy bangs on the door looking for Bobby. Lola saucily pulls Jay into the back of a campervan. Post coital, they talk about when they first met – Jay admits he fancied Lola so much it scared him and wants to be together properly. Lola happily agrees.


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