Nancy badgers Lee to at least speak to Mick about his problems if he won’t see a doctor. Lee doesn’t want to worry Mick but Nancy’s adamant he’ll know what to do and drags Linda out shopping to give them time alone.

Mick struggles to settle crying Oliver, dismayed Lady’s Di’s destroyed his favourite toy elephant. Lee claims he’s on leave from work and tries to talk to Mick but Tina interrupts to beg help in the bar. Lee feels awful as he listens to Mick croon to Oliver about his top big brother. He approaches Mick again but they’re interrupted by another wail from Oliver - Lady Di’s pooed under his cot, to Mick’s fury. Lee hurries her to the barrel store to clean up.

Later, there’s a shout from Mick – Lee left the door open and Lady Di’s gone. Mick berates Lee as they frantically search Bridge Street and rejects Shirley’s offer of help. After fruitless searching, Lee’s despairing on the allotments when Lady Di appears in front of him. Lee vents his worries to her and contemplates telling Mick. Shirley calls in to the Vic to see if Lady Di’s returned; she tries to ask after baby Oliver but gets interrupted when Lee and Lady Di return.

Mick’s worried when Lady Di immediately growls at Oliver. Tina suggests Lady Di stay with her. Although heartbroken, Mick agrees. Lee assures Mick he’s doing what’s best for everyone. Mick apologises for shouting and Lee tries to open up but instead an emotional Mick unburdens about his own stresses – he wishes he could be strong like Lee, Nancy and Linda. Lee objects he’s not strong but Mick won’t listen, insisting he’s proud of the man Lee has become.

On returning home, Nancy’s exasperated to learn Lee hasn’t told Mick the truth and pursues Lee up the stairs as they argue. Lee turns to shake her off and Nancy falls backwards.

In the Minute Mart, Cindy pesters Carol to buy fizz before the prom and blanks Ian. Back home, Carol fixes Cindy’s dress and promises to do her hair. Cindy thanks Carol for having her stay, touched. She helps Liam with his bow tie, recalling sadly Jane taught her once.

Meanwhile, Jane and Bobby are keen to see Cindy before the prom. Ian stubbornly refuses. Bobby arrives at the Butchers’ alone and pleads Cindy show Ian and Jane her dress. Cindy reluctantly follows him home but avoids Jane’s hug. Ian agrees she looks beautiful. Jane gives Cindy a corsage. Ian remembers Lucy getting ready for her prom and thinks it can’t be easy living at the Butchers’. Cindy declares she’s treated like a grown up and part of a loving family. Ian insists they’re not and blurts they’re paying Carol.

Hurt, Cindy flees to the Butchers’ and rails at Carol for deceiving her. Further distressed to learn Liam knew, Cindy bolts - no one wants her. Cindy enters The Albert and brazenly asks two men to buy her a drink; Simon and his mate, Glen, are happy to comply. Liam finds her on George Street with the men and pleads she come home but Cindy recklessly gets into Simon’s flash car. Liam rushes to the Beales’, panicking that Cindy’s gone off with two men. Ian phones the police. Meanwhile, the car pulls up on a quiet road and Simon pulls out a bottle of vodka. Uncomfortable, Cindy asks to go home; she’s fearful when Simon grins that the party’s about to start…

Stacey doesn’t understand why Martin told her to have an abortion - a baby will only add to the family Martin claims to want. Martin thinks a new baby is too much for someone with Bipolar and questions if it’s really what she wants.

Shabnam begs Stacey’s support at her first pregnancy class at the community centre. Stacey’s awkward and struggles during the partner exercises before finally admitting she’s pregnant but doesn’t know if she’ll keep the baby. Stacey regrets aborting Bradley’s baby in the past but frets Martin thinks she might not be able to cope. Shabnam insists Stacey’s already a great mum - it’s her decision and no-one else’s. Back home, Stacey tells Martin she’s having the baby with or without him – it’s his call…


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