Stacey heads to her doctor’s appointment and explains that she hasn’t been feeling herself, leading her to assume that her medication levels might need changing. Stacey admits that she took a pregnancy test that was positive but is certain that it can’t be right because she’s on the pill. The doctor explains that her medication can render the pill ineffective, which unnerves Stacey.

Martin clocks Stacey on her way home and catches up with her. Over a cup of tea, Stacey comes clean to Martin – he’s going to be a dad. Martin is lost for words and leaves the flat, claiming he needs time to think. Ian finds a downtrodden Martin on Arthur’s bench and questions what’s wrong – Martin fills him in; Stacey’s pregnant. Ian harshly claims that Stacey is a mess. Ian suggests that Martin has to convince Stacey to have an abortion.

Whitney questions how Stacey is – Stacey fills her in on her pregnancy and admits that she’s not sure how Martin will react once he’s thought things over. Stacey confesses that she doesn’t think she can go through another termination; Whitney assures Stacey that Martin’s reliable – she won’t lose him. Martin arrives back and tells Stacey that he really wants them to work out, but he has to think about Rebecca and their relationship is still in its early stages. Martin claims that he doesn’t think the pair of them and their family are ready for another baby yet, he thinks Stacey needs to have an abortion…

Nancy corners Lee and questions why he was crying in Stan’s chair the previous day. Lee puts it down to having had a drink and getting emotional but Nancy doesn’t believe him and demands the truth. Nancy presses Lee – Wallace wanted Lee to get medical help; there must be a reason. Nancy suggests that Lee sees a doctor.

Later, Lee tells Nancy that he got a doctor’s appointment for that morning. Nancy finds Tamwar in the Market Office and confides in him over her worries about Lee – Tamwar can’t help but compare it to Nancy keeping her seizures a secret. Tamwar suggests that Nancy just be supportive to Lee. Nancy agrees and phones Lee – she’s going to cook for him when he returns from the doctors.

Lee claims that he’s outside the surgery but in reality he’s in the allotments alone. Nancy’s disappointed when the dinner she has made for Lee goes cold – Mick informs her that he is in the café with Whitney. Nancy finds Lee, who’s taken Whitney shopping and claims that he knew she was cooking for him. After Nancy storms out, Lee follows her and profusely apologises. Nancy can tell that Lee’s lying and disappointedly gathers that he didn’t even book a doctor’s appointment.

Denise watches from the window an exhausted Kim desperately trying to get Pearl to stop crying. A weary Kim accidently runs Pearl’s buggy over the edge of Les’ wreath – leading to Les shouting at Kim. Pam reassures an upset Kim and walks her home.

Later, Pam informs Les that he can apologise to Kim – Vincent has invited the two of them over for lunch, with Claudette too. Les desperately tries to get out of the plans but Paul deliberately insists that he go, before suggesting he comes himself too.

When alone with Les, Paul firmly questions whether Les has finished with Claudette – a stressed Les snaps at Paul that he has. A fraught Kim questions Denise over whether it was as much of a struggle with her own children – Kim didn’t get any sleep last night. Denise reassures Kim that she’ll learn. Claudette makes digs at Kim’s mothering skills but Denise stands up for Kim, claiming she’s a great mother.

Pam, Les and Paul arrive for lunch – Paul looks awkwardly on at Les and Claudette. As the group eat lunch, Claudette suggests that Kim and Vincent will need their own place, but Kim claims that they are happy where they are – Denise has been her rock with Pearl. The atmosphere turns awkward when Pam asks Claudette whether she has a man in her life and Paul outbursts that Pam is prettier than Claudette.

As Kim returns from seeing to Pearl, Denise suggests that she will be Pearl’s Nanny; Kim is delighted. As they leave, Paul firmly tells Les that if he finds out anything is still going on between him and Claudette, he’ll tell Pam.


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