At breakfast, Martin watches Stacey takes her medication and dole out Lily’s vitamins. Jean appears, having gone straight to bed after announcing her engagement. Stacey takes the day off work and fondly watches Jean sing ‘I’m a Little Teapot’ with Lily. With Lilly at school, Stacey confronts Jean about her wedding plans and Jean announces the wedding is tomorrow. Stacey reels to learn Jean’s been engaged for 2 months and didn’t tell her; Jean retaliates that Stacey didn’t tell her about Martin either. Jean explains she wanted to tell Stacey but knew she’d question her decisions like she always does. Stacey’s hurt and wants to know if Jean’s taking her medication; outraged, Jean furiously insists she is and is adamant she can cope without Stacey. When Stacey snaps Jean can’t blame her given she was in hospital last year, Jean storms out.

Stressed Stacey hunts for Jean and leaves her a worried voicemail apologising; Martin’s shocked to learn of Jean’s previous suicide attempt. Meanwhile, Shirley encounters forlorn Jean sat on the war memorial. Jean invites Shirley to the wedding but doesn’t think Stacey will come, sad that she isn’t happy for her. Shirley vows to have a word. Meanwhile, Martin asks about Bipolar. Stacey eventually opens up and talks about her medication. Martin tentatively asks if she’s ever tried to kill herself. Stacey says no although she admits to having dark periods in her life – but she takes her medication every day for Lily’s sake.

Stacey’s relieved when Jean returns flanked by Shirley, who berates Stacey. Stacey claims she’s happy for tearful Jean and hugs her. Reconciled, Jean speculates if Stacey might marry Martin, remembering she thought she’d never be happy again after Stacey’s dad died but she is now with Ollie.

Later, Stacey and Jean return from wedding shopping; excitable Jean presents Lily with a bridesmaid dress but snaps at her for snatching, clocked by uneasy Martin. As Stacey shows off her own dress, Jean spots the key around her neck. Stacey explains it was her dad’s that Sean gave to her. Jean pales and flies at Stacey, shrieking at her to take it off. Outside, Ollie’s car’s just pulling up as Jean races out and insists they’re leaving. As the car pulls away, Stacey vows to Martin to find out what the key is for…

As Tamwar leaves the Vic, Nancy apologises for the lack of sleep due to Oliver’s crying. Tamwar urges Nancy not to deal with her seizures alone anymore. Over breakfast, Lee fixates on a newspaper article about army heroes. Jittery, Nancy drops a glass as Lady Di barks and Oliver continues to cry.

Later, Nancy calls in at the market office where Tamwar broaches the subject of her seizures again; Nancy explains the doctor thinks stress might be triggering them and is convinced if she got enough sleep they’d return to normal. Tamwar suggests she move in with him. Later, Nancy finds preoccupied Lee in the café, who claims he’s finished work early. He gets upset to learn Nancy’s considering living with Tamwar and bolts suddenly, to her surprise.

Carol’s up early and keen for a new start. She arrives at Max’s house to sort his life out, irked to spot a property developer board outside No. 1. As she tidies, Carol discovers a letter revealing late mortgage repayments; Max admits he’s facing a court action but thinks it’s not a real home without his kids and resolves to sell up. Carol suggests Max rent the house instead and offers him her sofa. Max isn’t keen but can’t find work and reluctantly agrees. Carol gets defensive when Max insinuates she should sort her life out too.

Later, Sonia’s annoyed Carol made the decision to move Max in on her own without consulting anyone. Carol rants Sonia would rather see her knitting in a rocking chair. Max thinks she needs a holiday and suggests selling Jim’s motorbike; the siblings discover they both took the bike for a joyride in their youth and Max suggests going for a spin. Later, Carol climbs onto the motorbike behind Max - she feels better than she has in a long time. The pair speeds off around the Square.


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