In the Butchers’, a weary Buster, who has stayed the night, appears and is startled by Carol’s blasé attitude – she’s adamant that Shirley will have calmed down. Shirley’s hungover and refuses to listen to Denise and Kim’s claims that Buster could be innocent. The phone goes and Kim answers – it’s Child Services, wanting to speak to Shirley. Carol walks in on Sonia trying to pacify an irate Tina, who can’t believe that Carol is acting as though nothing has happened. Carol attempts to make conversation but it’s strained and Tina snaps – it’s not all just going to blow over.

Buster tries to convince Shirley that Carol is lying – nothing happened between them. Shirley is disbelieving and orders Buster out, claiming that she will not lose Jade over him. As the row heats up, the doorbell goes; it’s the Social Worker. In the café, Carol informs Max that she’s been told she is cancer free. Max is taken aback when Denise and Kim seem less enthusiastic about the news. When Max questions their strange behaviour, Tina fills him in – Carol slept with Buster. Denise chips in and informs Carol that Shirley and Buster are currently with Jade’s Social Worker.

Having clocked this exchange, Dean suggests to Roxy that they come clean – it was her bra that was found. Roxy stands firm, she likes the pair of them being a secret and purports that Shirley and Buster getting custody of Jade would be highly unlikely anyway. Shirley nervously tries to persuade the Social Worker of hers and Buster’s suitability to take on Jade. Buster puts his cards on the table and admits his criminal record and Dean’s charges. When the Social Worker informs the pair that single people can adopt, Shirley is given food for thought. Alone again with Shirley, a positive Buster suggests he can get a job and find them a house, but Shirley retorts that she can do it on her own.

As Shirley throws out Buster, an anxious Carol runs over, confessing that she lied – Buster didn’t touch her. Shirley follows Carol into the Butchers’. When Shirley questions why she should believe Carol – Carol throws her prosthetic breasts onto the table, claiming she would have nothing for Buster anyway. As Carol begs to know whether her actions have ruined Shirley’s chances with Jade, Shirley realises that Carol is telling the truth. Carol opens up to Shirley – she’s sick of being treated differently; she wanted to feel normal for once.

Shirley tells Carol that she had a scare once; she found a lump, it wasn’t cancer – but she understands the fear. Shirley asks Carol whether her scars hurt. Carol admits they can do and confesses that she’s never looked at them; she finds the thought of them repulsive. Shirley firmly tells Carol that she can’t just put her life on hold. Carol admits to Shirley that she’s right, but is scared. Shirley stands Carol in front of a full length mirror, before Carol bravely takes off her bra and looks at her mastectomy scars for the first time...

Nancy ignores a call from Tamwar. Tamwar arrives at the Vic - Nancy stops short when she sees him. Nancy fronts to Tamwar that thing have been hectic, hence her distance. When Tamwar suggests they do something together today, Nancy claims she’s babysitting and fobs off Tamwar’s suggestion of him helping her. Tamwar questions whether he’s done something wrong, but Nancy remains tight lipped.

Later, Tracey hands Nancy some flowers from Tamwar, with a card apologising for whatever it is he’s done wrong. A nervous Tamwar arrives at the Vic after receiving a text from Nancy. Nancy tries to open up – she has been avoiding Tamwar’s calls, things have been building up for a while. Before Nancy can reach the crux of the issue, Tamwar interjects – assuming that Nancy has met someone else. Nancy assures Tamwar that the fact that they don’t have sex doesn’t bother her – she’s with him because he’s wonderful and purports that it’s a shame that he doesn’t have such a high opinion of her. In the bathroom, Tamwar looks at his burn scars in the mirror, clearly unsure about showing Nancy. Nancy hears Tamwar abruptly leave. As she heads to follow him, she collapses and has a seizure.

Kush admits to Stacey that things are back on track with his mum. Kush is surprised when Martin publically kisses Stacey. Martin informs Stacey that he has a surprise planned for later. Martin leads Stacey into an empty Beales’ – he’s asked Ian to close up so they have the place to themselves for their first date.


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