Shabnam’s home after stubbornly refusing to stay in hospital and ignoring Masood’s plea that she report the attack to the police. On the market, Stacey’s hostile with Kush as he tries to apologise for hurting her feelings. Kush despairs to find Shabnam’s intent on working at the Minute Mart as usual and feels shut out. Masood vents to Roxy, who suggests he give Shabnam no choice but to report it.

Later, Shabnam gets a phone call from the police, realises Masood’s responsible and explodes at him for going behind her back. Stacey discovers Shabnam in the Minute Mart back room, sobbing. She despairs she can’t bear seeing Jade if Shirley and Buster get access and reveals there’s more - she’s 5 months pregnant. Shocked, Stacey struggles to act pleased and wonders if Kush is too. Shabnam’s scared to tell him for fear he’ll leave her. Stacey thinks it’s unfair on Kush but Shabnam despairs she felt nothing when she saw Jade and wails she’ll be a terrible mother.

Stacey snaps - will Shabnam leave this baby on the doorstep too? She later regrets her outburst but vents that Shabnam has a perfect life yet still can’t be happy. Martin holds her. After a run in with Shirley about Jade, Shabnam summons Kush. Masood apologises for going behind Shabnam’s back but still won’t drop reporting the attack. Shabnam ushers Kush outside to the Square Gardens where she blurts that she’s pregnant. At No. 3, Stacey lies in Martin’s arms, post coital. She spots Kush and Shabnam from the window. While Kush reels at the news, Shabnam fearfully admits she’s scared he won’t want her now. Kush places his hand on her stomach and pulls her in for a hug - of course he does. Over Shabnam’s shoulder, Kush locks eyes with Stacey watching from the window.

Vincent brings a bag of Patrick’s belongings round to Dot’s house, while Denise and Kim hover anxiously over the road. Patrick snatches the bag - he needs no favours from Vincent. Later, Patrick visits Dot in prison; he apologises for not coming before and is surprised how well she looks. Dot enthuses about her cellmate, Bernie, then cuts to the chase - she knows Patrick’s staying in her house and doesn’t understand why he’s left his family.

Patrick tells Dot about Vincent; she thinks he’s a stubborn fool for taking his family for granted and urges him to return to those that love him before it’s too late. Later, Patrick summons Vincent to the Vic; he finds Patrick waiting with a box of dominoes. Over a game, Vincent asks for a chance, swearing he’s not planning on messing up and points out Patrick’s wasting time without his family. Patrick’s still not convinced and Vincent heads out - he might remind Patrick of his son, but stubborn Patrick reminds Vincent of his father too… Later, Denise and Kim are delighted when Patrick returns. He shakes Vincent’s hand, although he warns he’ll be keeping an eye on him.

Buster’s found a solicitor who’s advised him to get Shabnam’s support if they want to get access to Jade. He heads to the Minute Mart and enthuses about discussing his plan later but Shabnam’s preoccupied and barely hears him. Later, Shirley eagerly approaches Shabnam, only for her to hotly deny agreeing to help. Shirley phones Buster but gets his voicemail, unaware he’s already ringing Children’s Services, sure Shabnam will support them. Shirley forces Shabnam to speak to her, insisting her granddaughter deserves to know she has family that love her.

Shabnam coldly insinuates Jade would be disappointed with Dean. Riled, Shirley declares Shabnam would be a terrible mum. Later, Buster jubilantly informs Shirley that Social Services will be paying them a visit soon, then fumes to learn Shirley’s messed up their chances with Shabnam. Hurting, Shirley declares they should forget they ever met Jade.

Carol can’t sleep, preoccupied by her hospital letter. As Buster works on Jim’s old motorbike, Carol’s charmed when he flatters her that any man who messed up with her deserves a bang on the head. Carol admits she’s dreading her appointment with the surgeon.

Dean’s riled to witness an innocent hug between Roxy and Masood on the market. Roxy teases he’s jealous.


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