Nancy approaches Stacey and Shabnam and pointedly tells Shabnam that she needs to have a word with her. When Shabnam departs, Stacey maintains to Nancy that nothing is going on with her and Kush, but Nancy is disbelieving. Stacey fills a concerned Kush in on Nancy’s intentions, and the pair worry when Shabnam calls and tells Kush she wants him to go and see her. Kush arrives on the scene to find an irate Shabnam – a gang of teenage girls have broken into the Community Centre and left it in a state. Alone with Nancy, Kush addresses her concerns – purporting that Stacey likes him and came onto him, but that he’s in control and would never act on it. Kush opens up to Nancy about his marriage, how happy he was and how it all ended suddenly. Kush explains how would never throw away what he and Shabnam have.

Nancy shows up at Stacey’s flat and fills her in – Kush told her that Stacey came onto him. Nancy threatens that if she sees Stacey near Kush again, she’ll tell Shabnam. Kush receives a text from Stacey telling him that she needs to see him. Stacey asks Kush to tell Shabnam that she can’t make the Iftar drive – she can’t look her in the face, knowing how she feels about Kush. As Kush ignores a call from Shabnam, there’s electricity between him and Stacey and they passionately kiss.

Shabnam goes to head from the alleyway back to the Community Centre, but her path is blocked by the teenagers she encountered earlier. The group aggressively pull off Shabnam’s hijab before they force her to the ground and rain punches and kicks onto her...

Buster heads downstairs to see Shirley manically cleaning the place ahead of Jade’s visit. When Dean enters and questions the scene, Shirley blurts out the need to tell Dean the truth. Having been told of Jade’s visit, Dean’s confused – Buster convinced him not to see Jade, but now is going behind his back to meet her. Buster reassures Shirley that Dean was never interested; nothing’s changed – they should just carry on as planned. Shirley finds Dean in Blades and corners him for an explanation. Dean admits that he thinks being bad is hereditary and suggests that he doesn’t want to bring Jade into that – Shirley attempts to convince him otherwise. Buster heads over to see Masood and explains that he and Shirley are going to go for custody of Jade – she’s coming over to meet them that afternoon.

When Buster suggests informing Shabnam, Masood purports that it might not be a good idea; she’s trying to put the past behind her. Shabnam walks in on the pair and questions Masood over Buster’s presence. Masood admits that Buster wanted to know whether Shabnam had reconsidered not wanting anything to do with Jade. Masood drops the bomb that Jade has Cystic Fibrosis; Shabnam puts on a steely front and doesn’t drop her guard before making a hasty exit. Buster arrives home and is shocked when Dean arrives, wanting to meet Jade. Shirley firmly tells Buster that if he can’t support Dean’s decision, he should get out. Later, Shabnam warily asks Masood what time Jade is arriving in Walford.

Vincent enters Patrick’s house with a holdall and hides it behind the counter – Patrick clocks his suspicious behaviour. Unseen by Vincent, Patrick sneaks a look inside it and is clearly unimpressed. In Beales’, when Patrick receives an expensive looking birthday present from Vincent, Patrick immediately asks how much it cost. Patrick continues to dig – questioning how Vincent can afford designer items, but Vincent brushes off the question. Kim and Denise are shocked when Patrick produces a wad of notes and announces that Vincent has been stashing money in the house – Patrick demands to know where it came from.

Liam walks in on Cindy trying on her dress for the leaver’s ball and questions how she afforded it. A shifty Cindy avoids the question, leaving him suspicious. In the café, Liam suggests to Carol that he thinks Cindy has an admirer who’s buying her things and is concerned that she’s going to get trapped. Feeling guilty, Carol admits that Jane gave her money which she then passed on to Cindy. When Liam digs, Carol confesses that the dress isn’t the only thing Jane has given her money for; Liam is appalled.

At the Iftar drive, Nancy spots a homeless looking woman making a hasty escape – it’s Cora.


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