As Dean heads to Blades, Shirley promises to let him know if the DNA test results turn up. Buster makes it clear that he’s not fully on board with it all, but Shirley stands firm. Shirley finds Dean in the salon and reminds him that whatever Buster’s thinking, Dean shouldn’t be put off being there for Jade. Dean tells Shirley that he’s been thinking that they should move out of Patrick’s and get a family home for the pair of them, Buster and Jade; he’s feeling optimistic.

Back at Patrick’s, Vincent suggests to Buster that they have a game of chess. As the pair play, Buster admits that Dean worries him – when he found Dean had smashed up the salon, he had a troubled look in his eye. Buster attempts to pass on his concerns to Shirley about Dean’s erratic behaviour, but Shirley firmly suggests he leave if he’s not on board with the DNA results being a fresh start for them all. As a courier pulls up outside Patrick’s, Buster poses as Dean and collects the envelope himself. Buster opens up the paternity test and reads the results, before screwing up the letter – the enormity of what he’s read flooring him...

Buster crosses Carol in the Square and apologises for Shirley’s assault, but Carol brushes it off. Buster maintains that he’d still like to help Carol with Jim’s motorbike – the pair agree to keep it a secret from Shirley. When Carol returns home for lunch, Liam makes himself suspiciously scarce when Sonia mentions she has samosas in the fridge. Sonia’s aghast when she opens the fridge to find them all gone. Tina’s shocked when Carol admits that it was Shirley who hit her – and confesses that it’s been a while since anyone saw her as a threat. Sonia arrives in the café and tells Tina she’s concerned, food keeps going missing and Liam is acting suspiciously.

When Sonia purports that she thinks Liam might have an eating disorder, both Tina and Carol laugh at the suggestion. Carol is adamant that Liam’s behaviour is most likely due to him having had exams and suggests Sonia eases off. Sonia sits Liam down and suggests that she’s aware how much peer pressure there is on young people to look a certain way - Liam’s confused by Sonia’s words. Later, Carol angrily berates Sonia for making Liam feel uncomfortable in his own home.

When Carol heads upstairs to call Liam down for dinner, she’s surprised to find his door locked. Carol clocks a bin-liner and is astounded when she discovers it full of empty food and drink packaging. When Carol demands Liam talks to her about what’s going on, Liam insists he has been eating in secret. Carol tries to reassure Liam that he’s handsome just the way he is, she’s proud of him. As Carol goes to leave, she hears a noise from under the bed and is open mouthed to see Cindy emerge...

Kush admits to Shabnam that he’s struggling with Ramadan – he’s starving. Shabnam informs Kush that she’s looking at short term flats – she can’t keep sharing Stacey’s bed. Shabnam’s adamant that it’s fine that Masood hasn’t apologised; he’s better off keeping his distance. Masood catches Kush struggling to run on an empty stomach. When Masood suggests Kush coming over for dinner next week, he backtracks when Kush suggests bringing Shabnam too. Kush firmly suggests that things needn’t be so difficult between them.

Martin tells Stacey that he’s working up on Patrick’s allotment that afternoon and suggests she come and help, but Stacey is dismissive. When Kush and Shabnam arrive at Stacey’s and obviously flirt, it’s too much for Stacey, who heads out of the flat. Stacey finds Martin in the allotments and offers him a beer. The pair talk and Martin reminisces about coming to the allotments as a child with his dad. Stacey opens up in return and shows Martin the key around her neck – stating that it’s the only piece of her dad she has left.

As the pair have a laugh, Martin tells Stacey she’s good company; it’s natural with her. When Martin suggests they hang out again, Stacey breaks the moment by re-iterating that they’re good friends, she doesn’t want anything more. Stacey returns to find Shabnam and Kush still all over each other – it’s clear she’s finding it tough. Stacey creeps into Martin’s bedroom and apologises for earlier, before kissing him passionately.

Roxy calls Dean and suggestively lets him know that she’s alone in the house – he heads straight over. Roxy pulls Dean inside and insists he gets naked...


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