Kush does his best persuade a stressed Shabnam that the engagement party will be perfect. Shabnam pleads an awkward Stacey to help set up as Carmel’s coming early. At Beales, Carmel’s insistent on hanging the Kazemi traditional disco ball while Shabnam’s adamant the party be traditional - including no alcohol. The women bicker and Stacey intervenes. Peace restored, Carmel’s keen to give Shabnam a makeover; she gives in when Kush pleads she spend time with his mum. Later, Kush reluctantly calls at No. 3 on a quest for eyelash curlers, and thanks Stacey for mediating between Carmel and Shabnam; there’s a moment between the two but Kush quickly leaves.

Later, the party’s in full swing as Shabnam arrives, fresh from her makeover with Carmel; she worries to see Bushra casting a critical eye over the party. Carmel sneakily tops up Stacey’s orange juice with vodka. Imam Ali compliments Kush on making Shabnam happy but wishes they saw him more at the Mosque. Martin and Fatboy enthuse about Kush’s upcoming 30th birthday celebrations. Bushra’s unimpressed that it’s during Ramadan and Kush agrees to celebrate quietly at home. After Imam Ali makes a speech, Kush takes the mic; the music kicks in and he leads Martin, Fatboy and Masood in dancing to One Direction, much to the hilarity of the guests. Kush publically declares he’d humiliate himself every day to see Shabnam smile and slips an engagement ring on her finger. Stacey watches and retreats to the kitchen. Kush follows to find her swigging vodka alone. Stacey bluntly questions when Kush’s going to stop doing things to keep Shabnam happy and wants to know what he really wants. Before he can answer, shouts are head from the party. Kush and Stacey dash in to find Dean confronting a horrified Shabnam in front of the startled party guests – he knows their daughter is still alive.

Shirley’s not been seen all weekend and Buster leaves her a worried voicemail. Dean’s suspicious when Masood asks after Shirley and further intrigued to spot him talking with Buster. Learning from Roxy that Buster’s asked Masood for an address, Dean confronts his dad; Buster reveals Shirley’s gone to look for his daughter – she’s not dead. Dean reels. He’s all set to find her when bleary Shirley stumbles in and claims she went to the foster home but Jade was adopted years ago. Buster’s irked when she bluntly orders him out so she can speak with Dean. Dean demands to know why Shirley didn’t tell him; Shirley claims she was protecting him and urges him to get on with his life. Dean’s stunned she thinks he should pretend Jade doesn’t exist and walks out.

Roxy’s irked as a private look passes between Ronnie and Charlie when she announces she’s not attending Singles Bingo. Charlie offers her money to go out so he and Ronnie can have a night alone. Affronted, Roxy berates Ronnie, then stops to see she’s dissolved into tears while struggling to paint her nails; Ronnie explains tonight was supposed to be their wedding night but she can’t even get ready on her own and fears Charlie won’t want her. Roxy promises to go out. Later at the Albert, Roxy meets Vincent; she warns she knows from Ronnie that he’s a trouble maker but he protests he's a married man.

Kim’s decked the upstairs of the Albert out as an alpine lodge and enthuses she has a secret weapon arriving. Later, Sharon finds Vincent downstairs at her Singles Bingo night, enticing customers up to Kim’s deserted bar. When Vincent smooth talks that they both know who the real winner is, Sharon allows him to hand out Kim’s flyers.

Whitney wishes Carol could attend the engagement party with them and plots to get her to Singles Bingo, fibbing that it’s a 70s night. Carol’s not keen as she’s no-one to go with. Whitney approaches Billy, who later suggests going together. Carol declines and rounds on Whitney, who points out nothing will change if Carol doesn’t do something. Carol reconsiders and later arrives at the Albert with Billy, but quickly realises she’s been tricked. Carol trips over her high heels and Buster comes to her aid.


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