Vincent’s spent the night in a police cell. Kim opens her birthday presents and can’t help wondering if there are any more cards. Denise and Patrick know she’s thinking of Vincent. Kim suggests his arrest may have been a mistake. Meanwhile, Vincent’s questioned and shown photos of the badly beaten drug dealer who was due in court to testify against Dot. Vincent feigns oblivion, even when shown CCTV photos taken of him on the night of the assault at a petrol station nearby. He’s released, but the detective warns Vincent he’s not finished with him yet.

Vincent phones Ronnie, stating it’s the last time he does her a favour and thinks it’d suit her if he was banged up so she could ignore her feelings for him. In the café, Denise apologises she’ll be late to Kim’s birthday party after her supermarket interview in Hackney. Donna’s blaming Kim for Vincent’s arrest when he arrives and defends her - it wasn’t Kim. Denise ushers Kim and Pearl away. Vincent fills Donna in and pleads she give him an alibi, admitting he did it for Ronnie; Donna regrets she can’t help as she was in the Vic that night.

Later, Vincent turns up on Patrick’s doorstep pleading to meet Pearl properly – he’s facing a long stretch in prison and won’t be around much longer. Kim agrees to give him five minutes. He tells Kim he’s being blamed for some aggravation with a dealer. Kim eventually offers to give Vincent an alibi on the condition he admits that’s the reason he came round, and he steps up to be a dad to Pearl. Later, Kim returns from the police station, having learnt the dealer had to have his spleen removed. Disgusted, she tells Vincent to go but Vincent wants to be her husband again. Kim’s torn. Later, Kim arrives at her birthday party hand in hand with Vincent. Patrick’s face falls. Donna knows Kim gave Vincent an alibi and can’t help revealing that Vincent had the drug dealer beaten up for Ronnie Mitchell. Kim stares at Vincent, shocked.

Masood tries to apologise to Shabnam but she’s preoccupied preparing for a family dinner with Kush’s mum. Masood presses to talk about her daughter but Shabnam shuts him down. Masood confides in Tamwar that Fatima told him Shabnam’s daughter wasn’t adopted and is living in a foster home an hour’s drive away. Tamwar warns Masood not to do anything rash. Later, Masood makes a phone call asking about the rules on contacting a foster child… Meanwhile, Shabnam frantically prepares for the dinner. Kush offers to postpone, worried she seems on edge. Shabnam won’t hear of it and later panics when Masood doesn’t turn up to dinner. Tamwar admits Masood might’ve gone to find her daughter, to Shabnam’s horror. Kush’s mum, Carmel, arrives and immediately reads Shabnam’s aura. Shabnam extracts herself and badgers Tamwar, terrified Masood’s about to turn up with her daughter. As they sit down to dinner, Carmel asks Kush if his dad is still with his woman. Shabnam’s fear heightens when Masood texts that he’s two minutes away…

Carol berates Liam for playing video games instead of revising. He protests he couldn’t concentrate because of the giggling coming from Tina and Sonia’s bedroom. Carol asks them to be more discreet. On the market, Liam asks to go to the Albert with Cindy later; she scoffs he won’t get served. Donna informs Sharon and Cindy blames Liam, who rounds on Donna - he’s fed up being treated like a kid and wishes he could just get a job. Donna jokes Carol’s on the warpath and laughs when Liam hides. Liam strops off. Later in the cafe, apologetic Donna offers Liam a job on her stall but Carol forbids it. Donna’s unimpressed when Liam won’t stand up for himself - people treat him like a kid because he acts like one.

Kush calls round to No. 3 as Martin and Stacey unpack. Stacey orders Martin to put up shelves for Lily and invites Kush and Shabnam for a takeaway; after a pointed look from Martin, Kush declines. Over beer and takeaway, Martin remarks he’s never really lived with a woman as friends. He and Stacey toast - ’mates’.

Ronnie’s upset to learn from Roxy and Charlie she missed Matthew sitting up for the first time. Later, she summons Roxy and declares she wants her to move to Spain.

Sonia tells Tina it feels good to have signed her divorce papers.


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