Kim shouts for help as Vincent protests that he has proof that he was defending someone not attacking them. He shows Denise, Kim and Patrick a news article on his phone. Patrick asks him to step outside while they talk things through. Kim isn’t convinced but can’t explain why. Shirley and Buster enter the room, Vincent has gone. Whilst ordering fish and chips Donna receives an unexpected call. She heads over to the Vic and it transpires that Vincent is her foster brother. The two catch up at the bar and he tells her that he is married to Kim and is Pearls father. Donna is shocked by this news, Kim doesn’t seem his type. He makes it clear that they are no longer together and that the marriage was rushed. He also alludes to the fact that his perfect woman was Ronnie Mitchell but she is now out of the picture.

In the Vic, Aunt Babe is hyperventilating whilst covered in trifle. Shirley tells Mick to ask her about the broken window but Babe ignores them and rushes to the bathroom. Things slowly start to make sense and Mick tells Shirley that Babe was intending to buy her out of the Vic. He apologises and assures her that he had nothing to do with it. In the kitchen Lee and Whitney clean up after lunch and discuss the £5000 they found in in Stan’s chair. They both agree that Mick and Linda should have the money and they sit them down at the table to discuss what they found. Babe comes into the hallway wearing Linda’s dressing gown, asking for Mick.

He bluntly tells her to get her things and leave. Later on he finds her in the living room refusing to leave and so marches her to her car. Babe is broken at being cut out like this. She leaves the Square in her car muttering to herself. She spots Buster and Shirley and winds down the window to threaten Shirley. She tells her to watch her back.

Sonia explains to Martin that adultery has to involve the opposite sex. In a defensive manor Martin teases her about Tina and hands her a birthday present but it will take more than a present to fix them. Sonia returns home to find Rebecca crying on the sofa and so calls Martin to come over. Martin receives the call whilst in the Vic having asked Stacey out for a drink to which she declined. He heads to the Butcher’s and Sonia finally agrees to allow Martin to attend the meal that evening. Martin makes it clear to Rebecca that they both love her despite their problems. It is Tina’s birthday as well and she has organised a joint birthday meal at Beales restaurant. Martin sits at the opposite end of the table to Tina, Sonia and Rebecca and looks on in disgust. As he becomes more and more drunk Rebecca becomes increasingly upset.

When the cake arrives Tina stands and makes a speech about her relationship with Sonia. Due to being tipsy she says some inappropriate things which tip Martin over the edge. He stands up and demands that the two give them a show and kiss. Alfie restrains him and Sonia follows him back to the Beales’ house. Sonia sits with Martin on the sofa and admits she is angry with Tina for what she said in front of everyone. She finally opens her present from Martin; a locket necklace with a photo of 6 year old Rebecca inside. Sonia’s touched. The two look at each other longingly, then give into temptation and begin to kiss passionately…

Phil isn’t playing ball and Ronnie asks him to at least consider helping her. Phil assures Ronnie that it’s not necessary to have the drug dealer killed - Ritchie knows what she is doing and everything will be ok. Later, Vincent arrives in response to a call from Ronnie. She asks him to help her make someone disappear. He doesn’t want to be involved but she reminds him that he already is because of the gun he got for her.

Alfie returns home from work and Stacey hands him some official looking papers for Kat. He opens them hoping it is the money from the solicitors. Its bad news, she won’t be getting anything.


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