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Mick prepares to face his demons. Ian is feeling the pressure and his actions land another Walford resident in trouble. Seeking the truth, Kat is delivered a bombshell.

It's the day of the swimming gala. Shirley offers Mick a way out as she can see how nervous he is but he is determined not to let his family down. At the same time, Dean isn't happy when he learns that Mick is only doing one lap of the pool compared to his own 19.

Meanwhile, Ian remains under pressure due to Rainie's blackmail. He gets some money together to pay off Rainie once and for all but Mick spots them parked up together as he drives home from the swimming gala. Ian speeds off when Mick parks up behind him but then the police pull him round the corner.

As Kat and Alfie wonder why Jean is back in Walford, she tells them that she has left Ollie. However, when visiting Stacey, Jean's true intentions become clear - she drops a bombshell by telling her daughter that she has found a way to get her out of prison.

Stan arranges a belated birthday celebration for Cora. Cora is glad to have some alone time with Stan, so is disappointed when her granddaughters appear and interrupt.


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