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Michelle is still feeling hard done by, but things start to look up. Saeed gets a taste of politics. Mary is not coping. Den gives some good advice to Michelle, that he doesn’t follow himself. Naima and Saeed’s happiness is interrupted. Sue is still on auto-pilot and Ali turns to Lou for help in desperation. Kelvin and Ian start work on their business and Arthur gets an idea that could keep him busy. Pauline has some very important news but can’t get anyone to listen.

Michelle complains to Sharon about how Arthur and Lou treats her, saying that even Ali treats her better than they do.

At the Vic, Naima brags about Saeed and how well he spoke on behalf of the residents at the latest council meeting.

Mary worries about Sue hearing Annie when she begins crying in the flat. Sue sits in front of the TV, faceless.

Den and Michelle have a heart-to-heart in the Vic after closing hours about Arthur, with Den giving Michelle advice on how to resolve the situation she has found herself in. Michelle is thankful to Den, and Den kisses her on the cheek, as he wishes her a happy birthday. Michelle leaves and Den phones his mistress.

The next morning, Andy and Debbie try to break into their house - they have locked themselves out. Kelvin and Ian make fun of Andy before Kelvin goes to fetch his father's ladder so that Andy can get in through his bedroom window. Debbie visits the café and tells Sue she desperately needs to sort it out before a health inspector gets called, before asking Angie if she can borrow some of her clothes for work as she is running late. Angie agrees and helps her choose an outfit.

Naima receives a letter in the post from someone anonymous accusing Saeed of visiting a brothel.

Pauline and Arthur sing 'happy birthday' to Michelle and give her a new top and necklace. Michelle is grateful but wishes Mark could be there.

Naima confides in Pauline about her discovery, worried that Saeed is sleeping with other women.

Lou is sought out by Ali who begs her to see Sue and get her to see sense about the state of the café. Before Lou goes, she tells Michelle that she will give her the deposit money for her motorbike. Lou then visits Sue and helps her start to see sense.

Tony rises to Ian and Kelvin's challenge of designing knitting patterns.

Dot boasts about Nick.

Lofty and Arthur discuss benefits of owning land, and Arthur has an idea of getting an allotment.

Pauline starts having pains and writes a note for her family saying she has gone to the hospital. She tracks a taxi down and heads off.




  • Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) is uncredited despite appearing in this episode.
  • Radio Times synopsis: 'People don't sign poison pen letters - they just write them, send them, and disappear under the nearest stone...'
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 12,850,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).
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