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Dexter is determined to do what he feels is right, despite his family and friends giving him conflicting information. Tamwar tries to win Alice over, but Michael has his own plans.

Ava is surprised when Dexter admits that he's a match for Sam, but she's adamant that he doesn't tell Sam. When Dexter confides in his friends, Jay is pleased that Dexter isn't going to go through with the operation. Although Dexter tells Ava he won't go through with it for her, it's clear that Dexter is struggling.

When Dexter finds Sam doing a job for Alfie in The Vic, their talk soon turns to Sam's illness. Dexter suddenly blurts out the truth, telling Sam he can help but Ava is too scared to do or say anything. Sam falls silent and walks away leaving Dexter confused.

Sam tells Ava that he knows about Dexter and that he won't let him go through with it. When Dexter comes home, he stuns his parents by telling them that he is going to help Sam, regardless of what they say. Will anyone change Dexter's mind?

A disheartened Tamwar confides in Masood and AJ about Michael interfering in his relationship with Alice. Michael is enjoying his control when he deletes a text from Tamwar on Alice's phone. Tamwar attempts to talk to her when he sees her entering the launderette, but she is distracted by Michael's phone call, so Tamwar walks away. Later, Tamwar confronts Michael about what he wants from Alice and asks Alice why she didn't reply to his text. Realising Michael deleted it; Alice kisses Tamwar leaving Michael secretly impressed he has a challenger.

Dot is struggling to raise money for the church, leaving Carol concerned to see her looking tired. Dot's heart sinks when Rev. Stevens asks about her progress. She is left determined but grateful when he leaves.

Carol is reaching the end of her tether as she juggles the Butcher household while Bianca is away. Bobby and Tiffany continue to secretly chat over their walkie-talkies and Ian is intrigued to find Bobby writing a note to her. Ian forces Bobby to re-write it to let Tiffany know he is breaking up with her. Tiffany is upset when the note reaches her and Carol is touched as Masood offers his advice.


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