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Dexter is worried about the state of Ava and Sam's relationship, so he is in for a shock when he releases the reality of the situation is much worse than he originally thought.

Against Ava's wishes, Sam continues to put off telling Dexter what is happening. Sensing the atmosphere between them, Dexter presumes they're going to split up. Later, Dexter spots Sam working. As they walk home Sam reassures Dexter that he and Ava are solid. They play a game of football but Dexter is shocked when Sam collapses. Once at home, Ava wants to call an ambulance but Sam's against it. Sam finally tells Dexter; he needs an urgent kidney transplant.

Ronnie finds the club's door frame smashed and suspects Carl is behind it. With secret plans to meet Ronnie, Roxy's annoyed when Kirsty doesn't show up for work. When Kat offers to cover Roxy's shift, Alfie declines, seeing Roxy's resentment. Roxy sneaks into R&R and it's like old times with Ronnie, but she feels like she's cheating on Alfie and voices her concerns about him and Kat.

Carl convinces Kirsty to go for a drink. He deletes a text from Roxy and turns off Kirsty's phone whilst she's away from the table. Towards the end of the night, Kirsty witnesses Carl taunting Ronnie, so she leaves. Carl follows her but an unhappy Roxy, wanting to know where Kirsty's been, interrupts them. Realising her phone has been switched off, Kirsty suspects Carl did it.

Lauren sees Jake at her counselling session and he explains he's going through a rough time. They meet later and Jake reveals he's split with his wife due to his drinking. Jake asks to see her again, telling Lauren to call him. Joey arrives at Lauren's house but she hasn't returned yet. When she returns, Lauren is left feeling self-conscious when Joey asks her if everything is ok between them.

Danny is unhappy at the lack of discipline and how unfit the football team are at their first training session. Later, Michael questions Danny what he will gain from the sessions and Danny replies, free advertising from the kits. Michael is unimpressed.

Tamwar arrives at The Vic for a date with Alice but feels paranoid when a tipsy Kat teases him.


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  • Mary - Jenny Jules