Jean pretends she's fine with Ollie leaving but Kat is determined to put things right and asks Alfie for help. Roxy attempts to talk to Alfie, but is put off when he chooses to help Kat. They set off to find Ollie and during the journey it is clear there is still a spark between them. Disappointed to see Ollie's removal van has already gone and with no petrol to pursue it, they head back home. Meanwhile, Jean goes to the allotment and is delighted to see Ollie there; he couldn't move away without his love. With Kat's blessing, Jean agrees to leave with Ollie. Jean tells Kat not to give up on her man in the moon yet. As Jean leaves for a new life, a tearful Kat is comforted by Alfie.

Michael wastes no time in telling Roxy and Alfie that Ronnie is back with Jack. He tells Carl not to be fooled by a manipulative Ronnie. Carl offers Ronnie security for the club, but she stands her ground. Thinking that she may be pregnant, Ronnie is disappointed when the test is negative. With Alfie too preoccupied with Kat when he returns, Roxy turns to the person she can rely on - Ronnie.

Lauren and Abi arrive at The Vic, with bags, where Abi bluntly tells Kirsty that they don't need another mother. Kirsty tries to pacify her thinking the girls want to move in with Tanya, but they want her to move out. Abi rants that most of this mess is Kirsty's fault and Kirsty points out all she has done for them recently. Caught between the two, Lauren suggests that Kirsty stays, Abi storms off.

Ian asks Jean what could be wrong with a moping Lucy. Jean suggests she may need some business advice about being ruthless. But Lucy rejects Ian's advice and job offer; telling him she would rather work for someone successful. Lucy heads to Ava's, but with nobody in, a relieved Lucy posts the rent increase letter.

Thinking that Sam has done a runner, a worse for wear Ava flirts with Billy in The Vic. He's relieved when Sam eventually arrives. Sam silences an angry Ava; he has some news.

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