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Carmel and Junior are united by a crisis, while Melody is inquisitive. Kathy offers to help. Marge is upset by Doctor Samuels. Arthur continues to worry about Pauline's health. Diane is lovesick over Paul as they arrange a cinema date, then gets told by Trevor that he has been delayed, when in reality he is fixing a pipe in the surgery and is seduced by Julie and they kiss passionately. Diane is devastated at being stood up.

Marge phones the surgery to book an appointment with David for her mother, who is suffering with stomach pains. David tells Marge he will only see her mother if she attends the surgery, despite her being 93 years old. She gets upset by his comment.

Junior struggles in the aftermath of the incident. Carmel worries about him.

Diane arranges a date night with Paul.

Pauline cancels her hospital appointment.

Ethel comforts an upset Marge and they tell Dot what has happened. Dot congregates the older women of the Square and they prepare to boycott the surgery. She phones the surgery for an appointment with David in the afternoon.

Kathy visits Carmel and tries to get her to talk. She tells her that she could hear her and Matthew's arguments from her flat below.

Pauline uses alternative therapies to try and make herself feel better.

Carmel tells Junior that it is not his fault that Matthew is in hospital. Junior continues blames himself and tells Carmel he stabbed Matthew.

Michelle finds Paul and tells him that the sink in the surgery is broken and needs mending. Paul agrees to look at it in the evening.

Pat talks to Diane about taking her relationship with Paul slowly.

Dot, Ethel, Marge and Mo all arrive for Dot's "appointment" with David. There, Marge tells David about her mother's issues and that she could not attend the surgery because she is too frail. Ethel gets passionate about the need for home visits and cries. David listens carefully to the women.

Diane looks forward to going to the cinema with Paul. Trevor looks for Paul. Julie finds Trevor first and tells him to tell Diane that Paul has been held up and will be with her soon. She then heads to see Paul at the surgery and seduces him. She takes his shirt off and they passionately kiss. Diane cries at the Vic as Trevor tries to cheer her up.


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  • Albert Square
  • The Queen Victoria - Public, hallway and upstairs flat
  • Walford Surgery - Consultation room, reception and hallway
  • 3B Albert Square - Living room/kitchen
  • 45 Albert Square - Backroom
  • Bridge Street Market
  • Launderette
  • Café Osman
  • Turpin Way


  • Radio Times synopsis: 'It's no good, Pat. I'm carrying passengers here... Ali'll have to go.'
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 13,640,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).