Poppy and Fatboy make Dot breakfast for her day in court. She refuses to have anyone accompany her and rejects support from Jack and Max too. Cora drags the truth from Fatboy and Poppy. Dot arrives at court. She’s grateful when Ian arrives for moral support. In court, Dot’s solicitor Lindsay Bassett spins a story that Dot’s lodgers were house sitters. Dot objects - she won’t lie. Poppy and Fatboy arrive. Back on the Square, Cora rallies everyone to the Vic to show support for Dot. In court, the council recommend outright possession of Dot’s house. Fatboy speaks in Dot’s defence and Dot makes a heartfelt speech, pleading that her house isn’t just a house – it’s her home. Later, Dot enters the Vic with Ian, suspicious to see everyone gathered. Dot announces the council are letting her keep her house. 

Kirsty’s fed up that she and Max have no privacy at the B&B and insists they secure No 47A. Later, she’s annoyed to find Max sorting food for Dot’s party with Tanya and is convinced he puts everyone before her. Sharon tells Max that Tanya misses him.

Roxy gets a call from Ronnie but neglects to tell Alfie. In the gym office, Roxy finds Jack about to burn his unopened letter and stops him, revealing Ronnie told her that she wrote to Jack. Roxy insists Jack owes it to himself to read it now Ronnie’s being released. Jack recalls the first time he saw Ronnie. Jack questions how Roxy can be with Alfie after everything that happened. Roxy admits she didn’t tell Ronnie about her and Alfie but thinks Jack should know what Ronnie has to say, leaving him to contemplate Ronnie’s letter. Finally, he opens it. Later in the Vic, Jack’s all smiles and enthuses he can’t wait to marry Sharon.


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