Liam and the Gang (Sometimes: Liam's Story) was a spin-off episode for Comic Relief 2013. It featured Liam Butcher, who is in a gang that he wants out of. It is an continuation of the previous episode.


Bianca approaches the gang and sees that Liam is being shoved around by Kane. The situation calms slightly when the gang realise who Bianca is, but the atmosphere becomes menacing when she mentions the police.

Bianca realises she is vulnerable and one of the gang tells her to leave. However, Bianca is determined to get her son back home, telling the gang that she knows they've bullied Liam into joining them and she also knows they mugged Tamwar.

In the end, Bianca goes to grab Liam, but before she can get to him, the gang closes around him. Bianca begs Liam to come home with her now before it's too late, but Liam leaves with the gang.




EastEnders - Comic Relief Mini Episode (2013)



Behind the Scenes

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