Derek tries to dominate Max and Tanya’s Christmas dinner, making loaded comments about Lauren. Joey arrives, a surprise for Lauren from Max. When Joey explains to Lauren he felt he didn’t have a choice, Lauren suggests he could have chosen her.

Kat drops Tommy off at the Vic for Christmas Day. Roxy, Amy, Michael and Scarlett have joined Alfie, Mo and Jean. Having promised Tommy snow, Alfie sends everyone outside then sprinkles fake snow from the Vic roof as Kat watches from a distance. Roxy admits to Alfie she’s in love with him. Kat arrives. Alfie tells Kat it’s too late, he’s moved on. Kat leaves, devastated.

Back at Max and Tanya’s, Derek threatens Max, but Jack backs him up; one call to the police and Derek would be back inside. Dressed as ‘Santa’, Max gives a wedding dress to Tanya. Registrar Fred arrives and Max reveals they’re getting married today; Derek shouldn’t feel he has to stay. Derek’s received several texts and finally sends someone Max’s. Tanya opens the door to reveal Kirsty Branning - Max’s wife. Kirsty and Max head upstairs, leaving a shell-shocked Tanya. Kirsty’s angry with Max for trying to pay her off. It becomes clear that Derek hasn’t passed on Max’s latest money to Kirsty or told Max that Kirsty was pregnant, eventually leading her to have an abortion. Kirsty shows Tanya her unsigned divorce papers and her wedding ring. Max insists he loves Tanya; he only married Kirsty because Tanya lied about her illness. Tanya’s appalled when she realises Derek’s known all along.

Kat slaps Derek after discovering he played Alfie the wrong voicemail message and has now deleted them all. Derek tries to force Kat to leave with him and Max and Jack step in. Max confronts Derek about his lies, but Derek rounds on Max and then turns on Jack. Joey and Jack manhandle Derek out of the house. As the others turn their backs Derek clutches his chest in agony and collapses to the ground, dead.


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