Tamwar and Afia are forced to confront the problems in their marriage, but do they have the strength to overcome them? Derek offers to help Lucy with supplies for the cafe.

Jean realises Roxy no longer believes her. Jean goes to work but Janine fires her and re-hires Lola. Outside, Jean feels like everyone’s laughing at her. She runs after Michael, calling him poison and insisting she’s going to prove it was him. Back at the Vic, Roxy shakes Jean and tells her no-one believes her. When Michael and Janine come into the bar, laden with new baby clothes, Jean causes a scene - she paid for those things and wants what’s hers! Roxy calls Alfie. Alfie and Kat arrive home and find Jean sitting in an empty bath. Kat holds Jean.

Tamwar tells Afia he wants to go travelling with her and eventually finds the courage to break the news to Zainab. Afia’s thrilled until Tamwar suggests after travelling they can come back and pick up where they left off in Walford. Tamwar tells Afia she’s changed and he needs to know how to get her back. Afia has nothing to say in reply. She packs her things and sets off on her travels on the Argee Bhajee scooter, alone. Tamwar realises she won’t be coming back and asks her not to forget him.

In retaliation for deleting Top Gear, Tyler smashes Whitney’s alarm clock. She then changes the language setting on his phone. The quarrel culminates in a boys versus girls quiz; Anthony, Tyler and Fat Boy against Whitney, Lauren and Alice. The girls do brilliantly, unlike the boys who are distracted by Michael and Jean. Later, Whitney happily relaxes as Tyler cleans the house.

Overwhelmed at the café, Lucy snaps at Lauren. Derek insists Lucy take a box of ketchup he brings in. Later, Lucy looks on in shock as Derek takes money from the till – claiming it’s in return for all he’s done for her.


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