Masood’s worried to discover Zainab’s been in hospital for 3 days. Returning home, Zainab immediately preoccupies herself with cleaning. Despite objections from Tamwar and Yusef, Syed determines to confront Zainab about her overdose. Denise is irritated to be left to cope alone at the Minute Mart. Yusef deflects Syed’s demand for Zainab’s doctor’s contact details and offers to talk to Zainab, Syed refuses. Zainab insists her pills were from the internet, she’s horrified when Syed wants to know if the overdose was deliberate. Zainab insists she can’t remember but eventually tearfully admits – maybe! Masood’s determined to do the right thing by Zainab when Tamwar and Syed plead for his help. Rocked to learn of Zainab’s overdose, Denise attempts to coax Zainab to confide in her but Yusef interrupts. Yusef’s alarmed when Zainab determines to put her family first from now on, including Masood. Zainab thinks maybe things wouldn’t have got so bad if she and Masood had been together. Emotional, Masood thinks this was the wake up call they both needed. Despite her protests, Masood divorces Zainab according to Islamic law, repeating ‘I divorce you’ three times. Zainab’s devastated.

Christian’s concerned Ben’s overdoing it at the gym to impress Phil. Ben bunks off school with Duncan. Hiding from Phil, the boys are discovered kissing down an alleyway by Patrick. Patrick’s adamant, it’s none of his business. Ben’s alarmed to see him talking to Phil. Later, Denise is furious when a rock’s thrown through the B&B window. Patrick notices Ben watching.

Whitney charms Kamil; Afia thinks she has a knack with children. Tyler comes home from hospital, he’s furious to discover Anthony bet against him. Tyler tests Whitney’s feelings for him by feigning dizziness. Seeing her alarm, he’s confident she likes him.


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