Ricky tries to cope without Bianca. Morgan runs away, he wants Bianca to tie his laces. Whitney brings him back home and is angry when Ricky asks Carol to move in to help him. When they discover Connor’s awake, Whitney and Carol call a truce for the kids’ sake. Later, Whitney goes to the hospital and is furious to see Carol’s there too. Carol’s shocked to see Kendra, Connor’s mum, and is hurt when Connor tells her to leave. Carol and Whitney argue, Carol shouts that Whitney isn’t really family and bursts into tears. Ricky comforts her. Whitney’s upset; does Ricky think she’s not family too? Ricky ignores her. Whitney leaves with her bags packed and sets off into the night.

Christian helps Roxy move out of No.27 and tells her that Syed’s agreed to have a baby if they take it slowly. Albert runs away when he’s frightened by Greg’s van stalling. Roxy ‘s depressed that she’s just drifting through life and gets drunk at the Vic. Syed comes home to find Christian and Roxy waiting; Roxy’s going to have their baby!

A video of Ben being bullied is passed around school, Abi’s worried and shows Max, who tells Ian. Ben’s starting to confide in Ian when Phil interrupts. Ben’s upset when Phil threatens to ‘sort out’ the bullies. Livid that Ben confided in Ian, Phil visits Glenda. After they’ve had sex, Glenda reveals that she’s been blackmailing Ian.

Tanya and Greg move into No. 27. Max’s annoyed when Lauren asks Greg for driving lessons. In the Vic, Tanya asks Jane to be her Matron of Honour. Max makes fun of Greg and convinces him to do Karaoke. Tanya plays Max at his own game by joining in.

Ryan moves out of No. 43A when Janine arrives home from staying with Diane.


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