Connor’s annoyed that Carol can’t ever have fun and break the rules. Connor flirts with Whitney, and they end up in bed together. Carol leaves Connor a voicemail, she’ll show him she can break the rules. She does her hair and make up, but can’t find him. Connor hears the voicemail and is leaving Pat’s house when Carol arrives home with the kids. Tiffany sees Connor and Whitney kissing. Connor pretends to leave, but ducks into the living room and phones Carol. Carol makes Connor hide when Liam comes in, and bribes Liam to leave. Whitney thinks she and Connor should go public about their relationship. Tiffany tells Carol she saw her with Connor. Carol grabs her roughly, never say that again!

Ronnie’s haunted by memories of her baby. After talking to Carol about coping with the death of a child, Ronnie asks Alfie if she can come to Tommy’s funeral, but Alfie says no. Ronnie’s determined to go, and takes a black funeral dress out of the wardrobe.

Kat won’t have Charlie or any friends, apart from Kim, at Tommy’s funeral. Mercy and Fatboy bring round a cake for Kat, but Fatboy’s uncomfortable, Kat’s not going to want cake from a stranger. Alfie tells Kat she’s being too tough on him and Charlie. Kat relents and hugs him, but won’t change her mind about Charlie.

Glenda withdraws her complaint against Ben. Phil’s searching for new business premises. Shirley arranges a viewing herself, but Phil points out that it’s next to the police station.

Edward collects his donation tin and leaves Dot a note, but it’s knocked into a laundry basket. Dot’s furious that Edward didn’t leave a thank you note.

Heather’s employed by Shirley and Phil to clean their house.

Max agrees to go into business with Jack at the car lot.


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