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The Vic prepares for the first day of opening all hours. Den is worried by news of the Walford police raids. Ethel and Benny's relationship hits a rough patch.

Ricky asks Arthur if he can get him a trial with the local football team.

Pete is optimistic about his relationship with Kathy and wants to take her out for lunch.

Frank and Pat prepare for their first all-day opening at the Vic.

There have been a number of police raids in the Square, generating conversation among residents.

Den learns that Joanne has done a runner.

Ethel wants to try out the food at the Vic with Benny.

Pete buys Kathy flowers as a surprise for her. Michelle is relieved to see Pete finally making an effort with Kathy.

Benny upsets Ethel when he tells her that when she moves in with him, they will have to get rid of Willy as he lives in a council house. Ethel is distraught and refuses to marry Benny. She causes a scene in the Vic and then leaves.

Den tells Queenie he wants them to work together in the prison.

Kathy does not turn up for the meal with Pete. No one is able to find her.

Nick gets a beating from Queenie.

Pete finds Kathy in their flat. Kathy tells Pete she has sold her sewing machine and is leaving the Square. She tells him she feels as though she does not fits in with his family and has nothing left to stay for. Pete is devastated.


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  • The Queen Victoria - Public
  • 3C Albert Square - Living room
  • 45 Albert Square - Kitchen and backroom
  • Café Osman
  • Turpin Road
  • Strokes Wine Bar
  • 14B Walford Towers - Living room/kitchen
  • Dickens Hill Prison - Outdoors, cell block and Barnsey's cell


  • Radio Times synopsis: 'I hope we're still holding hands when we're in our 70s.'
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 17,620,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).