Max swears on Lauren’s life that Stacey didn’t kill Archie. Lauren confronts Stacey. Afterwards, Stacey runs straight to Max and Lauren’s conviction of her guilt strengthens. Seeing Lauren walk into the Vic, Stacey escapes to the toilets, Lauren follows and barricades them both inside. Lauren accuses Stacey of not just killing Archie, but as good as pushing Bradley off the roof. Furious, Stacey tells Lauren never to question how much she loved Bradley. Lauren retorts, if Stacey loved him so much, clear his name. Stacey admits she killed Archie. Later, Lauren listens to a voice memo on her phone – she’s recorded Stacey’s confession.

Carol tries to decide where to scatter Billie’s ashes, but rejects all Bianca’s ideas. Bianca worries about her mum. Carol meets Connor. Connor assures Carol that Billie loved her. Connor’s got nowhere to live, Carol lets him stay at her flat.

Tamwar signs up to a dating website. Zainab finds out and quickly becomes overexcited – her son wants a wife! Zainab tries to organise an Eid party, but discovers that Bushra’s already hosting one, but didn’t invite the Masood’s after the scandal of Syed’s housewarming. The family decide they should go to Bushra’s party, Tamwar’s scared that Afia might be there. Masood worries that Zainab’s using Tamwar to regain the family’s standing in society, but it transpires Zainab has another plan to achieve that – she wants to buy the Argee Bhajee. Masood refuses to consider the idea.

Phil’s annoyed when Shirley spends some of the money they stole from Roxy on an expensive leather coat. Ryan tells Janine he’s doing a job for Phil.

Darren wants to take Jodie out to cheer her up. To get Darren out the way, Max lends him the money.


Lauren Branning Jacqueline Jossa
Stacey Branning Lacey Turner
Max Branning Jake Wood
Carol Jackson Lindsey Coulson
Connor Stanley Arinze Kene
Bianca Butcher Patsy Palmer
Zainab Masood Nina Wadia
Masood Ahmed Nitin Ganatra
Tamwar Masood Himesh Patel
Darren Miller Charlie G Hawkins
Jodie Gold Kylie Babbington
Shirley Carter Linda Henry
Phil Mitchell Steve McFadden
Ryan Malloy Neil McDermott
Janine Malloy Charlie Brooks
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