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The residents want Frank to open the Vic in the afternoons. Pete visits Den at the prison to tell him about Willmott-Brown's re-arrest.

Pete is in a bad mood after learning of the scratches on his van.

Ali and Mehmet are in high spirits, leaving Frank to wonder what they are up to. Dot arrives at the Vic for a drink and Ali and Mehmet have a private conversation with her as Frank watches on - he is convinced they are talking about him. Dot then visits Nick at the prison.

Carmel and Matthew arrive at the Vic for their lunchtime drinks. Frank overhears them talking about needing alcohol for the afternoon. He offers to let them buy bottles from the Vic but Matthew says he would want to drink them in the Vic if he was paying for them. Colin and Guido then do the same as Carmel and Matthew, making Frank paranoid.

Vic confides in Gillie about his HIV diagnosis and how it has affected his life in the prison. Gillie admits she does not have HIV. Vic worries she will leave him but she promises to stay by him.

Frank calls for lunchtime last orders, but Arthur, Ali, Carmel, Colin, Dot, Guido, Ian, Matthew and Mehmet all refuse to leave. Frank threatens to kick them out so they join forces. He realises they are staging a sit-in in protest of him closing for the afternoon.

Den has a visit from DI Ashley and from that, learns who has been grassing him up - Queenie. He confronts Queenie over his actions and frightens him.

The residents partaking in the sit-in do not leave the Vic until it opens again in the evening. Frank realises he is not going to win so tells him he will consider opening the Vic in the afternoons from now on. They cheer delightedly and have a drink on the house.


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  • The Queen Victoria - Public
  • Dickens Hill Prison - Visiting room, Den's cell and Nick's cell


  • Radio Times synopsis: 'Oh, I get it, you're staging a sit-in.'
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 21,600,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).