It’s the day of Billie’s funeral and Carol’s determined to go alone. When Connor and his crew turn up to show their respects, Carol tells them they’re not welcome and Connor only backs down when Bianca threatens to call the police. Despite Bianca’s loyalty, Carol sends her and the Brannings away and Dot takes them to hers for an impromptu wake. Alan and Blossom arrive and, when Carol crumbles, convince her to make it to the funeral. When the three return and enter the wake Carol can’t cope. She sneaks home on her own, finds some alcohol and leaves a note on the door...

Vanessa tries to support Max but feels rejected when he sends her home alone, telling her that the day’s ‘just for family’. Things get worse when Harry turns up with divorce papers, telling her she’ll get nothing for humiliating him, despite helping him build his business. He’s got hard evidence of her misdemeanour, and knows that she has no proof of his. When he threatens to turn Jodie on her, Vanessa snaps and reveals that Jodie isn’t his daughter.

When Greg announces that the Vic’s nearly finished, Alfie and Kat plan a grand opening night. While Alfie starts a recruitment drive and hires Tracey, Kat and Stacey sell shedloads of tickets for the party. Stacey’s sad to lose her sidekick on the market until Kat has an idea. When Mr Lister issues Stacey with a written warning, they rip it up - she doesn’t need the stall anymore. They tell Alfie the good news – looks like he’s got himself some rhyming barmaids.

A devastated Whitney is found at Billie’s shrine by Fatboy, Mercy, Lauren and Peter. Lauren wants to spice up proceedings and celebrate Billie’s life. Peter sends them all away to comfort Whitney.


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