At Max’s request, a Vicar visits Carol to discuss Billie’s funeral. Carol’s angry and uncooperative, Billie wasn’t religious. Sergeant Major Banfield brings round a box of Billie’s belongings. Max takes Carol out for a walk, and persuades her that organising the funeral properly will give her something to focus on. Bianca and Whitney look at photos of Billie and his new girlfriend. Whitney’s comforted by the fact that Billie chose her in the end. Carol’s furious when she finds Bianca looking through Billie’s things, despite earlier telling her to deal with them. Carol finds a video of Billie and Connor on Billie’s laptop. They’re singing about her, and there’s a message at the end from Billie telling her to ‘fall over and die’. Carol’s absolutely distraught. Max arrives, apologises for what he said the night before and tells her Billie loved her.

Kim brings round a meal for Bianca and the family, Liam turns her away. Liam bunks off school and spends the day with Ricky. Bianca admits to Whitney that she takes things out on Ricky when she’s upset, Whitney persuades her to go and see him. Bianca overhears Liam talking to Ricky about his kiss with Kim. Bianca’s furious, Max stops her attacking Ricky and explains what really happened, Kim threw herself at Ricky, he pushed her away. Bianca storms off to confront Kim. Whitney reminds Bianca what she said about taking things out on other people. Bianca starts to cry and Kim comforts her.

Billy tries to sell the go-karting tickets. Phil gives Jay some boxing gloves. Billy wants to watch Jay’s fight, but Phil tells him he’d just be a distraction. A visitor arrives and greets Billy with the words ‘Hello Skidmark’.

Patrick shuts down Kim’s illegal bar at the Truemans’ after Kat threatens to report them.


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