Lauren assures Tanya she’s not on drugs and tells her Mum about Edward, claiming she split up with him. Max has a drink in the Barrel Store, unaware that the man next to him is Tanya’s boyfriend, Greg. Back home, Tanya tells Max Lauren’s heartbroken. Greg arrives, Tanya’s surprised that he and Max have already met. Greg tells Tanya he’s got the refurbishment contract for the Vic.

Max obviously misses Vanessa, Darren urges Max to give Vanessa the present he bought her. Tanya interrupts Vanessa’s birthday meal, takes Vanessa to one side and suggests she go back to Max. Harry’s not interested in making a speech, so Darren proposes a toast to Vanessa. Realising Vanessa’s unhappy, Jodie tells her mum she agrees with Tanya. Max decides to give Vanessa her present. He finds Vanessa standing outside, she’s come back to him. They kiss.

Ryan thanks Janine for not reporting Stacey, and when she complains there’s no milk, steals two crates of it for her.

Kat makes some extra money working on Stacey’s stall. Alfie tries to con money from Greg with a dodgy card trick. The optics fall off the wall, Greg helps fix them. The police nearly discover the illegal bar, but Alfie distracts them. Alfie phones someone, begging them to get here as soon as they can. Alfie tells Kat to keep the money she’s earned for the baby. Phil wants his money, he’s getting angry when a man arrives and hands over the £1000 he ‘owes’ Alfie. He’s also brought a car boot full of booze. Alfie’s thrilled, but Kat’s shocked to see the man – it’s Alfie’s cousin, Michael Moon.

Phil declares Fat Boy’s van is knackered. Fat Boy’s upset, Zsa Zsa abandoned it and he’s just spent £200 towing it back to Walford...


Kat Slater Jessie Wallace
Alfie Moon Shane Richie
Michael Moon Steve John Shepherd
Phil Mitchell Steve McFadden
Bianca Butcher Patsy Palmer
Max Branning Jake Wood
Tanya Branning Jo Joyner
Lauren Branning Jacqueline Jossa
Abi Branning Lorna Fitzgerald
Greg Jessop Stefan Booth
Vanessa Gold Zoe Lucker
Jodie Gold Kylie Babbington
Darren Miller Charlie G Hawkins
Harry Gold Linal Haft
Janine Malloy Charlie Brooks
Ryan Malloy Neil McDermott
Stacey Branning Lacey Turner
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