Pat tells Peggy that Ben’s living with Ian, but her worry for him is put aside when she gets a letter from the hospital. Harvey and Peggy have a clandestine meal in Fargo’s, and he surprises her with a new pair of earrings and tickets to the theatre.

Peggy’s charmed, but politely refuses tickets to the theatre – she has family issues which need seeing to. Later, Pat comes to see her and wonders what the matter is when Peggy’s seems uneasy. Peggy tells her she’s found another lump

When Peter’s desperate to find a way to go to a house party in Hampshire with Fatboy, Lucy comes to his rescue. Lucy forges a letter from the school about a revision trip, and Peter persuades Ian to let him go. Zsa Zsa, Lucy and Whitney come up with a plan to tag along, and the kids head to Hampshire in Fatboy’s van.

A jealous Lucy’s pleased when the atmosphere’s tense between Leon and Zsa Zsa.

Ricky’s plans of a trip to Southend are put on hold when they receive a letter from the council – it’s an interview for them to discuss Liam’s appeal for a place at Walford High.

When Carol invites them over for lunch, Bianca’s infuriated when she finds that her Mum has set up a mock panel for them to practise.

Peggy and Pat are unaware that a mischievous Harvey has given them both new earrings. Pat gets carried away with Harvey’s antics and when Peggy calls her to talk she guiltily tells her it’s not a good time. Later, Peggy tells Pat she has important news.


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