Episode 3 of EastEnders (also titled Brewery Drives Back) was first broadcast on 26February 1985 and was written by Valerie Georgeson, directed by Vivienne Hobbs and produced by, co-creator, Julia Smith.


The residents of Albert Square are questioned by DS Rich about the murder of Reg Cox. Den is in having trouble with The Vic's low supply of alcohol and even more so when he finds out that brewery delivery drivers have gone on strike. Angie wonders if Mr Chumley is behind it so he can catch them out and they are both concerned if Mr Chumley takes them up on the invite to the party they said the Scotch was for. Lofty asks Ethel to do his laundry. Dr Legg visits Lou and Lou tells him about her problem with Pauline and Arthur and how she has given them notice. Dr Legg is also concerned about how much Ethel is doing and tells her he will speak with Lofty. Sue asks Ali what he said in his statement about where he was, and Ali says he was out in his cab. Ali gets the impression Sue doesn't believe him and thinks she will ask if he was out with another woman, but she wouldn't believe him if he said he wasn't. In The Vic, Arthur, Pauline, Kathy and Pete decide to arrange a treat for Lou, and they ask Angie for ideas, and Angie suggests sending her away on holiday. Between them, they decide to arrange for her to go to Clacton with Michelle. When Ali arrives back, Sue confronts him and says that he hasn't been working as she phoned the company who haven't seen him all night and people are going to think he was with another woman, but Ali says he was gambling and he shows her the cash he won. Ali says he was going to give it to her, but he decides to put it on the horses instead.


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