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Sue goes back home with Ali, and Pete and Kathy want Lou to do the same. Lofty continues running the café with some help from Michelle. Mary arrives back in Albert Square, but doesn’t stay in her own flat. Angie comes to a decision about the way she lives her life.

Ali collects Sue from Andy and Debbie's to take her back to their flat.

Kathy is shocked to find Lou, Pete and Ian's underwear in a pot being boiled on the stove. Lou tells Kathy that it is to cleanse them of the germs. Kathy reminds Lou that she is to manage the stall at lunchtime as Kathy and Pete are catching-up with Arthur and Pauline.

Den and Angie discuss what to do with Sharon following her drunken fall the night before.

Sue returns to the flat and begins redesigning it in her head. She tells Ali they should move the sofa. As they do, she finds a missing shoe of Hassan's.

Lofty continues to run the café solo. Michelle rocks up and helps Lofty once again.

Kathy, Pete, Arthur and Pauline discuss what they should do about Lou's living arrangements. Pauline tells them Lou can move back home where she is wanted.

Lofty splashes Michelle with water as they wash and dry-up together. Mary makes an unexpected appearance in the café having returned from staying in a hotel. She tells Lofty she needs to find Sue to get back into the house as she cannot find her keys. Michelle takes Mary to one side and informs her of the recent tragedy Sue and Ali have faced.

Doctor Legg visits Ali and Sue to ensure they are getting on all right. He then visits Debbie and asks her to keep an eye out for Sue.

Mary asks Naima if she can temporarily stay at theirs until things get back to normal for Sue and Ali. Naima allows Mary to stay and moves Saeed into the living room, giving Mary and Annie his bed. This annoys Saeed.

Lou cooks a meal and tidies Kathy and Pete's flat with Ethel, to show thanks for being allowed to stay at theirs. When Kathy and Pete return, Lou instantly informs them of her decision to move back into Pauline and Arthur's when the baby is born.

Ali tells Sue they should go out for a drink. Sue is reluctant to go so Ali walks off alone, but as soon as he goes, Sue calls him back, realising she does not want to be on her own.

Michelle tells Lofty that he needs a new image and decides she is going to put highlights in his hair.

Debbie rings Sue and Ali's with a pot plant to give them. Ali looks out the window and decides not to answer the door. He laughs at Debbie holding the pot plant before breaking down.

Angie tells Den she will no longer drink alcohol as she feels Sharon got drunk as a way of telling her she drinks too much. Den does not believe Angie will stick to her word, causing them to have another row.




  • Radio Times synopsis: 'When Mark comes back, when he walks in through that door, he's to find his bedroom just as he left it.'
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 7,750,000 viewers (chart placing unknown). This episode, along with the following, was the lowest-rated episode of the year.
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