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Sharon and Michelle are worried that their hours at the café are going to be cut. Michelle and Arthur continue to argue, despite their best efforts. Donna leaves the café with a strange man.

Donna steals from the shop again whilst Sohail's back is turned.

It is Den's birthday and Sharon remains conflicted over her recent visit with him.

Ian and Simon try and catch Arthur in the act with his "bad back". Ian books driving lessons and then offers Donna a shift at the café for him whilst he is out.

Matthew plans a romantic lunch for Carmel.

DS West visits Den in the prison.

Arthur tells Michelle he worries about her and how quickly she has grown up. They begin to argue and she walks out, but quickly returns to his aid when he falls over in the house.

Ian sets Kathy and Pete up for a meal together at their flat.

Diane makes Sohail realise that she does not like him.

Carmel does not turn up for lunch with Matthew, leaving him annoyed.

Pat visits Den in the prison. He tells her about the trouble he is in with The Firm but is adamant he has not grassed anyone up.

Kathy and Pete reminisce of old times over their meal together. Pete tells Kathy everything will be okay.

Donna gets paid for her shift in the café - she instantly spends the money on drugs.

Ricky and Shireen babysit for Michelle as she and Sharon go out.

Pat decides to visit Joanne and tells her that Den is not a grass. She says she wants the brutality on Den to stop or else she will start talking. Joanne is unphased by Pat's threat.


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  • Albert Square
  • The Queen Victoria - Public and hallway
  • 43A Albert Square - Kitchen and front room
  • 45 Albert Square - Backroom and back garden
  • Bridge Street Market
  • First Til Last
  • Café Osman
  • Strokes Wine Bar
  • 14B Walford Towers - Living room/kitchen
  • Dickens Hill Prison - Outdoors, probation office, interview room, visiting room, cell block and Den's solitary cell


  • In an earlier episode, Den Watts' birthday is said to be on the 29th November. However, Den celebrates his birthday in this episode.
  • Radio Times synopsis: 'Get me off the hook with The Firm... I'm not a grass - never have been.'
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 20,450,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).