Bradley and Stacey attempt to run away. A police officer chases Bradley, who clambers onto the roof of The Vic, before falling to his death. Max drags Stacey away from Bradley's body, and she tearfully confesses that she killed Archie. Roxy says she destroyed the poster after finding out that Archie had raped Stacey. Ronnie then reveals that Archie also did it to her. Janine confronts Peggy about framing her. Ryan tells Janine not to run. Dot confesses to Ian that she lied to Dotty's mother, pretending she didn't know where Dotty was. Dot and Ian watch a home video from 1985.


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  • This was EastEnders' first live episode broadcast at 8.00pm on BBC One with a repeat version on BBC Three at 10.30pm.
  • The EastEnders cast and crew had two weeks to rehearse the episode prior to its live transmission. Eight different possible endings were rehearsed, with Diederick Santer reiterating that the actor playing the killer would only be told so on the night of broadcast.
  • In case of any serious problems during transmission, a rehearsal for the episode was filmed, including each version of the reveal scene.
  • Several errors were made during the transmission. Barbara Windsor as Peggy incorrectly called Janine "June" and Scott Maslen (Jack Branning) stumbled over several of his lines. During the final scene, a camera was visibly jostled, sound became muffled and some zoom shots misfired. Following Bradley's fall, Jake Wood (Max Branning) was observed inserting his fingers into his throat to help him retch. During a scene in which Roxy and Ronnie argued in the Minute Mart, Samantha Womack took a bottle of paint stripper from the shelves, but forgot to stop at the counter to pay for it before exiting.
  • The programme's title sequence didn't feature the usual logo instead it had a grey logo with "25" at the right hand-side and blue ribbon stringing along the River Thames.

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