Christian tells how his relationship with Syed began but Zainab insists it is a sick fantasy. Christian states that Syed is gay and Zainab slaps him.

Inside the wedding venue, Qadim assures Tamwar they will wait for Zainab. Tamwar tells Amira she looks beautiful and as she kisses his cheek, Afia looks on jealously.

Christian calls Syed, who is still on horseback. Christian confesses he told Zainab everything, leaving Syed utterly stunned. He sees Zainab arrive, his eyes focused on her reactions. Christian heads to the wedding.

Masood, Zainab and Syed enter the busy reception. In a side room, Zainab confronts Syed asking if Christian was lying. She rants about what Christian claimed, insulting him and Syed shouts out in fury. Their eyes meet as Syed states he is gay and he loves Christian. Syed suggests delaying the wedding but Zainab is not convinced. She viciously announces that Syed should have tried harder. In tears and shocked by Zainab’s cold replies, Syed pleads with Zainab for help but she can barely look at him but tells him he has to continue with the wedding to Amira.

At the wedding venue, Syed sits to one side of Imam Ali with Masood in the front row. Amira and Qadim enter and the ceremony begins.

Christian enters the reception hall and looks around for signs of the wedding. A waiter gestures upstairs.


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