Phil's furious that Ricky's brought Sam home, what if the police find out she's back? Sam claims all charges against her have been dropped. Peggy's shocked to see her daughter. The Mitchells panic when a police car pulls up in the square, but the police don't come to the Vic. Jay's fascinated by Sam and her underwear. Phil realises Sam used a fake passport and is angry to find her dancing on a table in the bar. Later, Phil and Billy walk out of the Vic with Sam, it appears she's on the next flight back to Rio. Ricky comes home and sees the remains of the party. Bianca attempts to tell Ricky how she feels about him, but stops when she sees him grinning. He tells her Sam's still at the Vic, the Mitchells only pretended that she left; Bianca's devastated when Ricky tells her he thinks he's still in love with Sam.

Patrick helps Jordan make a model boat. Lucas still has Trina's bracelet and hides it from Jordan. Lucas is worried when the police visit him, but they are only there because someone's broken into the Community Centre. Later, Lucas helps Masood fix his fuse box.

The Masoods' electrics fuse. Masood suggests they use Denise's cooker, Tamwar doesn't want to see Libby. Tamwar hasn't been returning Libby's calls and she asks Zainab if she's done something wrong. Libby tries to visit Tamwar, but he's dismissive, claiming he has to pray. Denise, Libby, Zainab, Syed and Masood eat together. Tamwar arrives and admits to Libby and Denise he's not going to Oxford, he only got 2 'A's and 3 'B's. His family are proud of him for telling the truth.

Joel becomes involved in the Mitchells' subterfuge and wonders what else the family is hiding.


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Mobile Complaint (7 September 2009)

Mobile Complaint
(7 September 2009)

  • This episode was subject to a complaint: The mobile number of Lisa Edwards, a beautician, was shown on screen. She received obscene phone calls and 2800 texts. The BBC said the number should not have been broadcast and apologised to Mrs Edwards. It said the programme team was not able to discover how the number ended up in the prop phone. It said a network fault or misdialed number could have been to blame.
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