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After Hassan's death, Sue stays at Debbie's. Ali arranges the funeral and tells Doctor Legg that Sue, as a woman, is not permitted in the mosque. Lofty, with the help of Ian and Michelle, opens up the café for the Osmans.

Michelle stands outside Sue and Ali's flat with Lofty. They both wonder what they can do to help Sue and Ali during their difficult time. Sue sits on Debbie and Andy's sofa rocking, having not left theirs since losing Hassan. Debbie brings her in a hot drink, but when she sees Sue she drops the cup and walks into the kitchen, crying. Andy comforts Debbie, who feel overwhelmed by recent events.

Naima complains to Saeed about how he has forgotten to turn the hot water on. Saeed reminds Naima that in Bangladesh, they would have no choice over the heat of the water they would bathe in.

Doctor Legg talks with Ali about Sue's living situation, telling Ali that she should return home when she is ready. Doctor Legg asks Ali about the funeral arrangements for Hassan. Ali tells Doctor Legg that it is all sorted, but Sue will not be allowed in the mosque after the funeral as females are not allowed in mosques. Ali asks Doctor Legg how he think Sue will react, as Doctor Legg tells him to hang on in there.

Lofty offers to open up the café for Ali. Arthur tells Pauline he has applied for two jobs. Kathy struggles to stay working in the laundrette when Dot fails to show up for her shift once again. Michelle offers to cover for Kathy as she goes to work in the pub.

Den and Angie have another spat behind the bar as Angie continues to drink. Sharon tells Angie she is always drunk and that she finds it disgusting. Kathy continues to struggle living with Lou as Lou turns the heating up in the flat.

Hannah is disgusted to see where Kelvin spends his time with Tony and tells Tony that Kelvin needs to find an academic subject to commit to, as otherwise he will struggle to get a job. Tony is unimpressed by Hannah's lack of optimism towards Kelvin and lashes out at her.

Michelle and Lofty bond as she helps him with the running of the café when Lofty smashes a number of plates, cups and saucers whilst trying to run the café single-handedly. She also ropes Ian into tidying up the tables and serving customers as her and Lofty wash and dry-up together. Afterwards, Sharon meets with Michelle at the Fowler's house and reconciles with her following their fallout over Kelvin.

Saeed continues to subtly dig at Naima over her lack of interest in sleeping in the same bed as him. As Naima tells Saeed she wants more freedom in their arranged marriage, Saeed reminds her that he is already giving her a lot more freedom than most women get in arranged marriages. Despite this, Naima tells Saeed she wants proper driving lessons and art classes, which does not impress Saeed. Saeed brings the conversation back to sleeping in the same bed as Naima, as he pushes her for an answer of when she will sleep with him.


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