The day of the Christening. Roxy’s worried, Phil’s still drinking and the pub’s not decorated for the party. Ronnie struggles to write her speech, Roxy reassures her she’ll be a great godmother. Phil’s passed out on the living room floor, Roxy wakes him tells him not to come to the christening. Jack arrives to help, he asks Ronnie if she’s been drinking and tells her he misses her. Roxy realises Ronnie’s not coming to the Christening even though Roxy organised it for her. Phil and Ronnie drink together. Ronnie arrives at the church late and drunk. Roxy gets upset and runs out, Jack follows. Jack tells Roxy she’s not on her own. Ronnie sees them kiss.

Syed’s happy when he’s invited to lunch at his parents’ house. Masood’s less thrilled by the idea, and is confused to find the table set for five. Syed is nervous when Masood tells him Zainab has invited Amira.

Heather refuses the fatty breakfast Shirley’s made. At the launderette she hides her pregnancy book when Shirley comes in. Shirley tries to placate Heather, who’s still upset by Shirley’s relationship with Phil. Heather still plans to move out of the flat.

At the christening Ronnie tells Jay he’s not a Mitchell, he runs from the church upset, followed by Nick. Billy sees the two talking.

Tanya comes downstairs to find Max, who has made breakfast. Impulsively she claims she can’t go anywhere with him and the kids because she has a date. Tanya admits to Jane she’s lied to Max, Jane tells her to ask out Dr Jenkins, but when Tanya speaks to him, she loses her nerve.


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