Jane’s concerned by Linda’s odd behaviour. Peter shows Jane and Christian a letter to Linda from their father, Roger. Jane thinks Linda should give him a chance, but Christian’s adamant he’s not to betrusted. Linda says she wants to stay with the Beales and reveals her ideas for house renovations. Ian’s incensed on hearing this and reminds Jane that Linda’s stay was supposed to be temporary. He wants her out. Jane reluctantly tells a wounded Linda that perhaps she should consider sheltered accommodation. Later, the Beales return home to find Linda collapsed on the floor.

At the catering unit, Zainab, Masood, Jane and Christian bicker about using the kitchen for their separate catering events. The squabbles descend into chaos as a food fight ensues. Peter later suggests arranging a time share and they agree.

Its Darren’s 18th and he’s excited as it’s time for Jack to make good on his promise of giving him the car lot. When Darren goes to see Jack, he’s fobbed off. Libby surprises Darren by decorating the car lot office. They’re interrupted by a jubilant Janine who hands Darren the documents stating that Jack’s signed over the car lot to her and she’s putting up the tenant rates. Enraged, Libby throws paint over Janine.

Danielle informs Ronnie that she’s booked an abortion. Ronnie assumes Stacey will be taking her, but Danielle reveals that Stacey doesn’t know and she plans to go alone. Ronnie offers to take her.

Peggy behaves oddly, rousing Archie’s suspicions. She lies about a trip to the cinema, and when Archie later probes her, she confesses that she’s running for councillor.

Bradley’s fed up of Gumbo and plans to sell him at a dog show but later returns with Gumbo in tow: he won a prize.


Linda Clarke Lynda Baron
Jane Beale Laurie Brett
Ian Beale Adam Woodyatt
Peter Beale Thomas Law
Darren Miller Charlie G Hawkins
Libby Fox Belinda Owusu
Janine Butcher Charlie Brooks
Jack Branning Scott Maslen
Ronnie Mitchell Samantha Womack
Roxy Slater Rita Simons
Archie Mitchell Larry Lamb
Peggy Mitchell Barbara Windsor
Masood Ahmed Nitin Ganatra
Zainab Masood Nina Wadia
Christian Clarke John Partridge
Danielle Jones Lauren Crace
Bradley Branning Charlie Clements
Max Branning Jake Wood
Billy Mitchell Perry Fenwick
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