Lauren repeats that it wasn’t Tanya who tried to kill Max it was her. Max doesn’t believe her but Lauren insists Tanya was protecting her. Max sends Lauren and Abi home with Bradley, before speaking to Tanya. Max tells Tanya Lauren has told him the truth. Tanya tells Max they must do whatever it takes to protect Lauren but Max doesn’t want to choose between Lauren and Tanya. Max returns home and panics when he finds Lauren missing. Max rushes to the police station as Tanya confirms in court her guilty plea. Max tries to stop Lauren talking to the police but it’s too late – Lauren tells Max she loves him as she’s led away. Max breaks down.

Whitney introduces herself to Debra who doesn’t recognise her until Whitney reveals she’s her daughter. At Pat’s Janine tries to justify to Pat and Bianca why she gave Whitney Debra’s address but Bianca doesn’t believe her. At the Café Debra wants to know why Whitney’s come to see her. Whitney assures her she just wanted to see her because she’s her Mum. Debra tells Whitney she can hardly remember being her Mum – Bianca was the one who took her on. Whitney leaves upset and throws Debra’s address away. Pat tells Janine to leave. Janine tells Pat from now on she’s going to be bad – starting with taking Terence. Whitney returns home and tells Bianca she’s her mum.

Jean falls apart when she discovers Sean has left for good. Stacey tries to comfort her but Jean blames Stacey for Sean leaving. Stacey panics when she can’t find Jean. She eventually finds her at the Vic but Jean’s upset and runs off. Jean almost gets knocked over by a car. Stacey runs to her and Jean breaks down – Stacey takes her home.


Max Branning Jake Wood
Lauren Branning Madeline Duggan
Tanya Branning Jo Joyner
Abi Branning Lorna Fitzgerald
Bradley Branning Charlie Clements
Whitney Dean Shona McGarty
Bianca Jackson Patsy Palmer
Pat Evans Pam St Clement
Janine Butcher Charlie Brooks
Tiffany Dean Maisie Smith
Stacey Branning Lacey Turner
Jean Slater Gillian Wright
Debra Dean Ruth Gemmell
Waitress Suzy Bloom
Kendra Hill-Smythe Rebecca Egan
Crown Court Judge Martin Turner
Desk Sergeant Andy Greenhalgh
Guard Aidan Watts
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