Pat insists on telling them who Janine really is. David’s curious that Pat is calling Judith Janine and Janine explains that Pat lost a daughter called Janine and she’s mad. David’s daughter, Sarah suspects that Janine’s lying. The Rabbi suggests that they deal with this in private. Billy tells Sarah about Barry. Ricky announces that Janine has a birth mark and Sarah roughly exposes it. David collapses and an ambulance is called. Later Ricky calls Pat. An enraged Janine is smashing up the car lot. David died and it’s all Pat’s fault. A distraught Janine doesn’t know what she’ll do.

Roxy holding Amy and Archie enter the Vic. Roxy finds Sean sulking and encourages him to come downstairs. Archie apologises to Sean and reveals that he’s impressed with how well Sean’s taken to fatherhood. They bond. Later Archie’s touched when Sean gives him a gift of a new wallet. Alone, Archie pulls out a piece of paper. It’s a copy of the paternity test.

Peggy’s worried that Suzy wasn’t happy when Archie announced their good news. Phil explains that Suzy didn’t want it broadcast. Suzy confronts Archie but she’s in his pocket now. When Ben hears the news and also that Suzy and Phil are getting married he tells Shirley. Depressed Shirley arrives home to find Heather going through CCTV tapes from the Minute Mart. Suzy appears on the screen. Shirley presses pause. Suzy’s holding a box of tampons.

Heather informs the Walford Gazette about Dot’s generosity. A journalist arrives and Heather cajoles Peggy into introducing him to Dot. They enter the launderette to find a tramp called Scally with Dot. She has kindly given him clean clothes and money for a hostel. The journalist’s fascinated with the story but Dot’s afraid of the exposure.

Denise’s upset about Lucas leaving. Pat encourages her to go out and look for him.


Ricky Butcher Sid Owen
Pat Evans Pam St Clement
Janine Butcher Charlie Brooks
Roxy Slater Rita Simons
Sean Slater Robert Kazinsky
Archie Mitchell Larry Lamb
Peggy Mitchell Barbara Windsor
Suzy Branning Maggie O'Neill
Phil Mitchell Steve McFadden
Ben Mitchell Charlie Jones
Shirley Carter Linda Henry
Heather Trott Cheryl Fergison
Dot Branning June Brown
Billy Mitchell Perry Fenwick
Denise Wicks Diane Parish
Scally Alan Williams
Will Holden Ross Waiton
Sarah Miranda Pleasence
David Harry Towb
Rabbi Simon Schatzberger
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