The Butcher family gather in Albert Square to mourn their father, but Ricky is unable to contact Bianca. Frank has the last laugh as Peggy and Pat clash over his funeral arrangements. But which faces from the past will make it to pay their last respects? .


Main cast

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  • Archive footage Frank Butcher and Pat Butcher wedding was shown (22 June 1989), as well as archival footage of Frank in his spinning bowtie.
  • In addition, several references to past events are made by Peggy and Pat, including Peggy's wedding to Frank, Pat's affair, Janine's trial, Frank faking his own death, as well as reprises of previous iconic moments, including a "Get Out of My Pub" and a "You Bitch, You Cow" fight between Peggy and Pat.
  • First appearance of Whitney Dean, Tiffany Butcher and Morgan Butcher.
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