Jay's involvement with Tegs's gang leads him into serious trouble. Ian takes Christian's advice and tries to impress Jane. Ian wants Christian to go, but after hearing some home truths he has a rethink. Christian convinces Ian that he needs to make more of an effort to keep Jane. Ian agrees to a makeover and fashion advice.

Hazel's convinced that her wedding's off, as Minty keeps avoiding her. Heather tries to stall her, while she warns Garry and Minty that Hazel's planning to leave Walford. Shirley leaves some saucy photos of Masood for Zainab to find. After confronting Masood, Zainab asks him to perform a private striptease for her. She makes it known that Shirley's games won't upset her. Minty grabs Jay, who's carving his name into a tree. Soon the gang surround Minty and threaten him with violence. Minty feels humiliated, and confesses to Garry that he's not good enough for Hazel.

Jack explains that Selina and Penny were run over in revenge for him arresting a high-profile criminal. Selina recovered, but Penny was left in a wheelchair. Selina blamed Jack and this led to the breakdown of their relationship. Garry persuades Minty to win back Hazel's trust by demonstrating what they've been up to in private. They cause a sensation by line dancing to 'Achy Breaky Heart' in the Vic. Hazel and Minty hug and make up. Ian surprises Jane with a series of notes declaring his love for her in different languages.

He then impresses her with a lavish meal. Ian admits that Christian made him realise how much he loves being married to her. Jay refuses to throw a brick through Dot's window. His disloyalty angers Tegs, who can't afford to lose face in front of the others. Later, they meet in the park. Jay thinks they're friends again, but Tegs stabs him and runs off.


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