Max tries to talk his way out. Bradley hits him then rushes off. Jack finds him and takes him for a drink. Downstairs Stacey tries to explain things, but Tanya calls her a slut, slaps her and orders her out and tells Max to go. Max heads off to find Bradley. Tanya re-plays the DVD. Sean tries to comfort her. She starts kissing him then tells him to leave. Max enters the Vic, but Bradley won't talk to him. Max follows him to the flat. Tanya starts popping tranquillisers then sees the girls and stops. She tells them to pack - they are leaving. Max tries to convince Bradley he and Stacey were never serious - she loves Bradley. Stacey enters the flat. Max enters his house. The girls are waiting downstairs. He rushes upstairs finding Tanya with a suitcase. They struggle and she falls downstairs.


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  • This episode marked the most watched TV programme of 2007 and the shows' biggest rating in three years with 14.38 million viewers reaching number one for the Christmas television charts for all channels.
  • Radio Times synopsis: The Branning family is in disarray following a shocking revelation.
  • This episode was included in the special collection EastEnders: Christmas Specials which was only available for streaming online and released on the streaming platforms BBC Store and Amazon Prime.

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