Bradley shows Stacey their new flat. An uptight Phil has a go at Sal then Jack arrives with a photo of Louise. Jack and Ronnie kiss under the mistletoe. Ian tries to cancel Steven, but its too late and Jane opens the door to find him on the doorstep. She tells Ian he can stay for one hour only and sets a timer. When it goes off during the Christmas dinner, she tells Steven to go. Alone, Stacey and Max come to an understanding. Max as Santa hands out the presents. Lauren is distraught when he hands the DVD to Bradley. Despite her protestations, Bradley insists on playing it. The group watched in stunned silence as the drama unfolds on the screen despite Max's desperate attempts to stop the show. The Fox and Wicks' decide to pool their Christmas gifts to buy Deano a plane ticket.


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  • The episode was transmitted at 6.20pm due to a broadcast of the Christmas Day schedule.
  • This episode was included in the special collection EastEnders: Christmas Specials which was only available for streaming online and released on the streaming platforms BBC Store and Amazon Prime.
  • Radio Times synopsis: Max and Tanya have lunch, unaware of the bombshell that's about to be dropped.

Eastenders Christmas Specials

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