Max offers Stacey a last minute reprieve from her miserable Christmas Day. Pauline prepares to leave the Square. Ian's shocked to find Pauline preparing to leave. He cries as he remembers his mum and begs Pauline not to cut Martin out of her life. She retorts that it's Martin's choice not hers. Stacey calls over to Max and Tanya's with a present. She reveals to Tanya that she's got her eye on an older man. In private, she propositions Max, but he turns her down.

Ian warns Martin and Dot that Pauline's leaving. Dot's distraught that Pauline isn't planning to say goodbye to her. Meanwhile, Pauline visits Mark and Arthur's graves. Stacey knocks back drinks in the Vic. She follows Max into the gents'. Max hisses that she's barking up the wrong tree. Max covers and sends her away when Kevin interrupts.


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Eastenders Christmas Specials

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