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Ali and Sue learn that Alan has bought Number 43 off Willmott-Brown and is converting it into luxury flats. Sharon invites Duncan round for afternoon tea. Angie sees how Kathy is getting on working at The Dagmar. She tries to talk to Kathy about something but cannot bring herself to do so.

Lou is irritated at Arthur for having accepted money from Michelle to pay to the loan shark. Arthur continues to worry about handling money at the shop. He is later put in a difficult situation, when Ali, up to his frequent gambling deeds, influences Arthur into trading over £50 worth of coins into notes from the shop's takings for a gambling match that he's attending. Arthur subsequently agrees, but lives to regret the situation when he tries everything to withdraw Mr Karim finding out, however, Kathy quickly comes to the rescue and sorts out the situation and Arthur later learns that Ali won £4000.

Den recommends to Angie that they go down to Wimbledon to check out what pubs are on the market. Angie isn't so enthusiastic on the idea at first, but Den's nagging response convinces her otherwise.

Chris offers Willmott-Brown an investment proposition on the haulage business, but he isn't interested.

Ian confronts Darren on the destruction the disco business is currently suffering and how every time Darren opens his mouth, it costs them money. Darren manages to smooth talk his way out of the situation, but it doesn't stop Carmel on getting suspicious on what he's up to.

Sharon and Duncan make amends while Pat pays Sparrow for his 'work' with both her and Frank before wanting answers on what the brewery have said about them becoming the new buyers of the Vic.

Mary approaches an isolated Rod and insinuates he moves back in with her, but he turns the opposition down, which flusters her.


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  • Radio Times synopsis: 'Arthur, because you mishandled money once, are you going to run away from money all your life?'
  • Viewing Figures: UK broadcast - 18,950,000 viewers (chart placing unknown).
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