Pat returns from her trip to New Zealand. She tells Ian that Steven is 17 now and 'a right little heartbreaker'.

Martin becomes increasingly frustrated that Phil helped Sonia go into hiding 10 days ago, but won't tell him where she is so that he can retrieve Rebecca. Later, Martin kidnaps Ben and holds him hostage on the railway bridge. He phones Phil hoping to extract Sonia's location from him, and in the process taunts Phil as he frantically looks around The Square for his missing son.


Main cast

  • Steve McFadden as Phil
  • James Alexandrou as Martin
  • Phil Daniels as Kevin
  • Linda Henry as Shirley
  • Kellie Shirley as Carly
  • Adam Woodyatt as Ian
  • Laurie Brett as Jane
  • June Brown as Dot
  • John Bardon as Jim
  • Barbara Windsor as Peggy
  • Sophie Thompson as Stella
  • Charlie Jones as Ben
  • Cliff Parisi as Minty
  • Jake Wood as Max
  • Jo Joyner as Tanya
  • Lacey Turner as Stacey
  • Lorna Fitzgerald as Abi
  • Kara Tointon as Dawn
  • Matt Di Angelo as Deano
  • Pam St. Clement as Pat
  • Ian Burfield as DI Kelly
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