Lou Beale wants to speak to Kenny Beale and Pete Beale about Simon Wicks. She has to try and get rid of her son in law Arthur Fowler for a short while. Arthur says to Kathy Beale that Lou has been really nice to him lately, saying how she is pleased that he makes her daughter Pauline Fowler happy. Arthur buys some fish and chips, but hard roe and not soft roe. A moody Lou rips into Arthur when he comes home with hard roe, and she wants soft roe. She shouts at him to make himself useful. Arthur realises that leopards do not change their spots and storms out. Kenny Beale and Pete Beale plan to have it out with Pat Wicks about Simon's paternity. Den Watts allows them to go upstairs and confront her. Pete and Kenny said "Lets do this". Sue Osman is becoming more worried about the unborn baby. She takes it out on Dot Cotton, whom she accuses of wanting to take over the cafe. Ali calms down and takes her over to see Dr. Legg.


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